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Get an inside look at ‘A Star Is Born’

Get an inside look at ‘A Star Is Born’


Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are ready to set the screen alight with their raw romance in A Star Is Born and now we’ve got a brand new look inside the voices of their respective characters.

Lady Gaga portrays Ally, a down on her luck singer-songwriter who is plagued by false starts and a deep sense of anxiety but who finds someone to believe in her in the form of Cooper’s rough and tumble country rocker Jackson Maine.

For Gaga it’s a completely different type of vocal expression and is shaped by the ideas of romance and the promise of a brighter future.

Then there’s Cooper’s Jackson who channels the hard-charging rebel rock of Neil Young and who was coached in his performance by Lukus Nelson, son of the legendary Willie Nelson, and Cooper’s transformation into rock god is pretty incredible to watch up on screen.

A Star Is Born is already being hailed as a masterpiece and audiences will get to experience it first hand when it arrives in cinemas on October 18.

Image: Roadshow Films