Home Movie Trailers An exceptional new force rises in first trailer for ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’
An exceptional new force rises in first trailer for ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

An exceptional new force rises in first trailer for ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’


Power can be an uncontrollable force, and in this brand new installment in the X-Men franchise, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is ready to except the full on rush of the Phoenix Force in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Check out the amazing new trailer below:

Here’s the full synopsis.

In 1992, nearly a decade after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, the X-Men are national heroes going on increasingly risky missions. When a solar flare hits them during a rescue mission in space, Jean Grey loses control of her abilities and unleashes the Phoenix.

Long time writer turned director Simon Kinberg is now taking on the X-Men franchise in this latest installment and he’s wasted no time in setting up a story that is definitely going to take audiences for a ride.

Set following the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, the X-Men now find themselves embraced as heroes around the world, but an accident proves disastrous for the young Jean Grey (Turner) and now both human and mutant kind have something to fear.

Turner really steps up a notch as Jean Grey and as the film’s principle lead she’s in for one incredible journey of discovery as a power buried deep inside her rises to the surface. Coming between Jean are long-standing best friends turned adversaries Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender). Both men appear to know of the force that has now gripped her and while Charles will do everything he can to control Jean, Erik will be the voice to set her free.

Standing between the two men is a mysterious and otherworldly shapeshifter portrayed by Jessica Chastain who has her own plans for Jean and the Phoenix and will lead her down a very unsavory path.

Fans of the X-Men franchise will be well impressed with this new film which stays true to the original comic book material, and which is promising some awesome action and out of this world special effects.

The narrative too looks incredibly strong and once more the mutants will be forced to pick sides as they do everything in their powers to contain the uncontrollable Jean Grey.

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Get ready for a serious rush when X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives in cinemas on February 7, 2019.