Home Television Recaps ‘Mayans MC’ – ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’ – Review
‘Mayans MC’ – ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’ – Review

‘Mayans MC’ – ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’ – Review


Can you make a deal with the devil? That’s where we find ourselves with Episode Seven of Mayans MC as Cartel leader Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and freedom fighter Adelita (Carla Barratta) square-off against one another in a meeting of power that will not only affect the Mayans MC and Santo Padre, but all of Mexico in the process.

Episode Seven, ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’, is an episode that has you on a knife edges at all times. Things are starting to go sideways quickly and no one is safe from the carnage that could intentionally be unleashed if these two sides don’t strike a deal.

And while the battle between good and evil wages with Adelita and Galindo, EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) also has his own battles to fight both within the club and with a looming threat to his DEA deal which comes in the form of Assistant US Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), the incredibly strange Drug Tsar who brought his unusual and extremely unorthodox ways to the streets of Charming in Sons of Anarchy and who is now encircling the Mayans MC and Santo Padre.

is an incredibly compelling episode of Mayans MC and in my opinion is the best episode released yet for the very reason that it keeps you guessing right up until the credits draw to a close. From EZ’s run in with the police to Galindo unleashing his darker side within a jail cell to the deal to end all deals, this episode of Mayans MC really lays it all on the line.

It’s a shocking in-your-face piece of television and I’m getting afraid for EZ going forward after this. With scrutiny from both the DEA and the club this young prospect is going to have to keep his head down if he wishes to survive much longer and the danger is reaching critical mass. Throw in a caged drug lord and a power player who wants an easy win and who is eager to make up for his shortfall when last we saw him and I’m pretty certain EZ could be in for a whole lot of trouble here.

The pieces are falling into place and the match is soon to find itself alight because in this outlaw world the rules don’t apply and the consequences are far more shocking and confronting than you could ever imagine.

Mayans MC will premiere new episodes every Wednesday at 9.30pm on SOHO and Neon.

Image: SOHO/Neon.