Home Movie Trailers The first teaser trailer for ‘POKÉMON Detective Pikachu’ is here
The first teaser trailer for ‘POKÉMON Detective Pikachu’ is here

The first teaser trailer for ‘POKÉMON Detective Pikachu’ is here


It’s an auspicious day as one Pokémon finds his voice in the stunning new teaser trailer for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu.

Check out the full teaser below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

In the Pokémon universe, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is a failed Pokémon Trainer and the son of prominent detective Harry Goodman. When his father disappears in a car crash, Tim arrives in Ryme City and ends up meeting Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) who was Harry’s former Pokémon partner. Tim is somehow able to understand the Detective and they reluctantly team up to find Harry and uncover the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

Set to a remixed addition ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu finds superstar actor Ryan Reynolds unleashing his comic chops as the sparky little Detective Pikachu who although he’s incredibly cute also packs a hell of a lot of sass as he joins forces with Justice Smith’s Tim Goodman, a failed Pokemon trailer who has lost his famed policeman father to mysterious circumstances and the two of them set out together to find Tim’s dad and put the wrong things right.

Director Rob Letterman has realized a truly amazing film that will get every Pokemon fan buzzing thanks to the seamless interaction of Pokemon and humans together in Ryme City, which is a literal fantasia come to life. Alongside Reynolds and Smith, Letterman has assembled a terrific cast that includes the likes of Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens, a curious reporter who is accompanied by a Psyduck, Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida who serves as a mentor character to Tim and Bill Nighy who will make a mysterious appearance within the film.

After hearing the juxtaposition of Reynolds’ voice with that of Pikachu’s traditional and cutesy ‘Pika, Pika’ voice I’m completely sold on his casting and with Reynold’s naturally ability to riff and improvise on the spot I’ve got a feeling that Detective Pikachu is going to be an exceptionally cool film to really get excited for.

The trailer certainly got us laughing so make sure you check out our full reaction for it below:

Get ready to catch’em all when POKÉMON Detective Pikachu arrives in cinemas next year on May 9, 2019.