Home Movie Trailers Jason Momoa is the hero of the deep in final ‘Aquaman’ trailer
Jason Momoa is the hero of the deep in final ‘Aquaman’ trailer

Jason Momoa is the hero of the deep in final ‘Aquaman’ trailer


The final trailer for Aquaman is here and it showcases some magnificent visuals and heart-pumping action sequences that are sure to get you amped for this blockbuster epic.

Watch the exhilarating final trailer for Aquaman below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is a man born of two worlds but when his true home of Atlantis comes knocking he must accept his true self and venture deep below the service to combat the rising threat of an impending battle between the deep and the surface worlds, and claim his rightful position as King of the Seven Seas.

The new trailer is packing some amazing visual spectacle courtesy of director James Wan and this film looks like a phenomenal watch that will take audiences to the most uncharted regions of the seven seas.

Added to this is new footage highlighting the presence of characters such as Willem Dafoe’s Vulko, a trainer and mentor to Momoa’s Aquaman who helps shape him into the hero he will become along with the quest to unearth Poseidon’s trident, which will give him the advantage he needs to stop the desires of his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) from bringing chaos to the surface world.

Jamaes Wan appears to have crafted something truly extraordinary with Aquaman and this final trailer shines a light on his fantastic use of aquatic colours and textures to bring to life the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

For those who love to escapist filmmaking at its best, well, Aquaman will surely be a treat for you and prepare to go on an extraordinary adventure when it arrives in cinemas on December 26.