Home Television Trailers The showdown is imminent in new trailer for ‘The Punisher’
The showdown is imminent in new trailer for ‘The Punisher’

The showdown is imminent in new trailer for ‘The Punisher’


Our patience has finally been rewarded with a brand new trailer for season two of The Punisher and it’s going to be a battle of wills and bullets between Frank Castle (John Bernthal) and Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) all over again.

Season Two of the Punisher will find Frank on the road and trying to lay low until he comes across teenager drifter and con-artist Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham), who he learns desperately needs his help. It’s then up to Frank whether he lets the beast out again to take up arms as The Punisher.

Following on from last season, it looks like Frank has once again completely immersed himself in his Punisher persona and now he’ll have to contend with his former best friend and teammate, turned mortal enemy Billy Russo (Barnes), who after being beaten and carved up to within an inch of his life by Frank is now out for revenge as master criminal Jigsaw!

The bullets are going to fly this season and the body count will surely notch up as Frank has to contend with both Russo and a dangerous new political foe in the form of John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart), an alt-right political leader who has a grudge to bear against society and The Punisher.

It’s going to get particularly gnarly this season, and with the added political tension involved in season two we’re certain that there are going to be many tense moments. Then there’s of course the blood feud between Frank and Billy and with his carved up face and broken psyche, Russo will likely be an even more dangerous adversary this time.

I was well impressed with this new trailer for The Punisher season two and you can check out my full reaction to the new trailer below:

So lock and load because The Punisher arrives back on Netflix on January 18.