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Meet your new best friend in ‘Child’s Play’

Meet your new best friend in ‘Child’s Play’


Chucky’s back!

That’s right, the raging, maniacal toy named Chucky is back and he’s ready to bring plenty of terror in this frightening re-imagining of Child’s Play.

Check out the freaky new teaser trailer below:

Here’s the official plot:

After receiving a special toy for his birthday from his mum Karen (Aubrey Plaza), Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) learns that there’s something terribly wrong with the doll and soon their lives are threatened by it’s murderous appetite.

The first teaser for Child’s Play runs real quick and too the point and it paints a picture of the terror that is to come. Not only do we have the murderous Chucky on the loose, but it seems like all the Buddi dolls are out for blood here and this is sure to lead to plenty of horrors.

The teaser also ends on a blood curdling note as Andy steps forth to challenge his twisted ‘best friend’ while Aubrey Plaza’s Karen Barclay is held at a knife’s edge by the maniacal toy!

Child’s Play looks to be shaping up quite nicely and the rumour is that this film will find the dolls murderous activities as the result of a diabolical AI chip. The voice of Chucky is also still to be announced and we’re certain that they’ll be a few surprises there.

Get ready for plenty of horrors when Child’s Play arrives in cinemas this year on June 20.