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‘Rambo: Last Blood’ finds release date

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ finds release date


John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) has one last battle to face and he’s about to unleash plenty of ‘extreme prejudice’ upon a really nasty group of villains in the final installment of the Rambo series in Rambo: Last Blood.

While production has been steady on Last Blood, with Stallone posting updates on the film via his Instagram account, Variety has now confirmed a release date for the film as September 20, 2019 – 37 years on from the release of First Blood which introduced the world to Green Beret and Vietnam vet John Rambo.


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“ Death is coming your way , and there’s nothing in this world you can do to stop it… “ Rambo said calmly to the gang of killers . #rambo5

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Following on from the gung-ho epicness of  2009’s Rambo, Last Blood will see Rambo crossing into Mexico and taking on a violent cartel when the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped.

In addition to Stallone, the film has a great supporting cast that includes Paz Vega, Adriana Barraza and Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

I’ve got a real feeling that with Last Blood we’ll get to see Stallone in a film that’s akin to classic last stand westerns like The Searchers or Unforgiven and given that this is Stallone’s final performance as Rambo it could be that this heroic figure may go out in a hail of bullets.

I’m definitely down to see Stallone go for it once more as Rambo and September 20 is going to be a date to get excited for when Rambo: Last Blood arrives in cinemas.

Source: Variety

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