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Karl Urban discusses details of ‘Hangman’

Karl Urban discusses details of ‘Hangman’


If Hollywood has a story of a Kiwi kid done good then it’s most definitely Karl Urban, who has risen to leading man status and is a highly sought after talent appearing in mega blockbusters such as the Star Trek films and Dredd, along with taking lead roles in television series, including the forthcoming adaptation of The Boys.

Urban is also keeping busy with plenty of film work and the Kiwi star got to work alongside Hollywood royalty in the form of Al Pacino in the twisted noir detective story Hangman.

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Detective Will Ruiney (Urban) brings out his former partner Ray Archer (Pacino) to help him catch a dangerous serial killer whose crimes are based on the children’s game Hangman.

Urban and Pacino are also joined by Brittany Snow in Hangman and this unique trinity of talent really dive deep into this dangerous and twisting mystery thriller.

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Opening up on the project in a brand new cast featurette, Urban was able to discuss what it was like working with Pacino and just how involved he got with the project.

Both the presence of Pacino and Urban was not lost on anyone involved in the movie, especially Brittany Snow who portrays investigative journalist Christi Davies. Of the experience Snow said “getting to learn from such a legend and such a genuine person, and just a really amazing guy such as Al, and also Karl and I get along so well, I feel like we’re in a little team that we’ve created.”

Packed out with thrills, scares and a detective story that will keep you on edge, Hangman is a must watch for thriller fans.

You can catch Karl Urban in Hangman on SKY Movies Action on Monday 18 March at 8.00pm.

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