Home Television Recaps ‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘There’s No China in the Bible’ – Review
‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘There’s No China in the Bible’ – Review

‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘There’s No China in the Bible’ – Review


The punches keep rolling with episode 2 “There’s No China in the Bible” of Warrior. And they do move fast.

As the gang war between the Tong gangs of the Hop Wei and the Long Zii intensifies over the opium trade our hero Ah Sahm finds himself in a most precarious position. The route to this, well, love of course.

That’s right our hero has sparkles in his eyes and they come courtesy of the lovely Penelope Blake (Joanna Vanderham), a Northern ingénue who is the unhappy wife of San Francisco’s creepy mayor Samuel Blake (Christian McKay) and their first meeting is the result of our hero coming to this damsel’s rescue and showing off one impressive tornado kick.

Joanna Vanderham makes a really great entrance here as Penelope and the seeds of the series growing examination of race relations and prejudice is shown here as well. While Ah Sham may be a branded member of the Hop Wei Tong he’s not at all who he appears to be and when he finally shows his true nature to Penelope you can be sure that sparks are definitely going to fly in the future.

Along with setting up a growing relationship between Ah Sahm and Penelope we are also introduced in greater detail to the gruff, no-nonsense Irish cop Officer William “Big Bill” O’Hara (Kieran Bew). Big Bill is a man who knows the streets and who is essentially a good man, the type of guy who you’d want on your side, but who has made some bad choices in the past that leave his present and future open to plenty of moral ambiguity.

Watching Bew work is a pleasure and he really has a great handle on the character. While he’s certainly not the moral centre of the show, that honour goes to his rookie partner, the impeccable Southern gentleman and honourable Officer Richard Lee (Tom Weston-Jones), Bew’s Big Bill is ultimately a realist and his understanding of the world around him, and interaction with it, makes for some very interesting drama.

I’ve also gotta say that Warrior is certainly living up to Cinemax’s standards. Not only do we get a good slathering of gore in this episode, but there’s a whole lot of skin on offer as well, and these sex scenes sure do get steamy. This visceral appeal aids to the series growing addictive narrative and is really building the interest for viewers.

While Ah Sahm is definitely not in a good place at the end of episode 2, I have a feeling he might get lucky soon, and the drama is definitely moving forward with Warrior.

Warrior screens every Thursday on Neon.

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