Home Television Recaps ‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘John Chinaman’ – Review
‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘John Chinaman’ – Review

‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘John Chinaman’ – Review


Survival is the name of the game in episode 3 of Warrior, “John Chinaman”, and Ah Sham certainly has trouble ahead of him as the realities of the Hop Wei Tong finally draws on him.

As expected the adrenaline really pushes in early here and in an action piece I can only describe as ‘hell in a cell’, Ah Sahm unleashes on a host of Irish mobsters set to rough him up. The result: Carnage! Punches and kicks fly and bones certainly do break and it’s another example of why Warrior is the most exciting action series to come along in a long time.

Episode 3 also opens up an interesting dynamic in that we see a growing relationship form between Ah Sahm and Big Bill. It’s the criminal and the cop here, two conflicted but honest men, caught up in a world that is tearing each of them sideways and while it’s not addressed there’s also a silent respect that is forming between the two of them. Where this goes I’m not yet sure of, but it certainly opens up the field for some very interesting opportunities down the line.

Along with Ah Sahm and Big Bill’s interaction we also see the Hop Wei at play here and we get to see Ah Sahm interact with his newfound brothers. Some of them thrive on his respect such as upstart playboy and psychotic heir apparent Young Jun (Jason Tobin), while others such as the intimidating Bolo (Rich Ting) are definitely not fans. But what is clear is that Ah Sahm is in the life now and there ain’t no getting out.

If I had to discuss my favourite moment of the episode then it most definitely is the appearance of the one and only Hoon Lee who again brings his diabolical jazzy self to the character of black marketer and all around trickster Wang Chao. If Chao has a skill then it is most definitely insight, and he had some interesting lessons to impart onto our young hero.

Finally, there’s Dean Jagger’s brutish Irish mob leader Dan Leary whose keen to flex his muscle this episode and it’s very clear that he’s not a man to be trifled with. While there are a growing number of villains in Warrior, Dan Leary is definitely my favourite so far. He’s one bad guy who doesn’t play around and I’m certain that we’ll see him and Ah Sahm go head to head in the near future.

With every episode of Warrior, I find myself more and more entertained and this narrative keeps getting better and better. And with that, I can say bring on episode 4.

Warrior screens every Thursday on Neon.

Image: SKY TV