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Terrors run deep in ‘Crawl’

Terrors run deep in ‘Crawl’


Anytime director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) returns to cinemas should expect the unexpected and his new eco-horror movie Crawl will definitely frighten the living hell out of you.

Watch the freaky new trailer for Crawl below:

Here’s the full synopsis:

When a massive hurricane hits her Florida hometown, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignores evacuation orders to search for her missing father (Barry Pepper). Finding him gravely injured in the crawl space of their family home, the two become trapped by quickly encroaching floodwaters. As time runs out to escape the strengthening storm, Haley and her father discover that the rising water level is the least of their fears.

This first trailer for Crawl really had me on edge as our heroine Haley (Kaya Scodelario) desperately fights for survival in the flooded confines of her home in New Orleans as a collection of hungry alligators encircle her looking to have their next bite.

This is horror at it’s most base level and Aja is ready to show the audience that mother nature can be one cruel mistress…and the results are extremely terrifying.

Get ready to feel the bite when Crawl arrives in cinemas on July 11.

Image: Paramount Pictures