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Rev up with new images for ‘Ford v Ferrari’

Rev up with new images for ‘Ford v Ferrari’


Ever since he directed the awe inspiring character driven superhero film Logan (which also happened to be my favourite film of 2017), everyone has been waiting to see what director James Mangold would do next.

Well, this visually astute director is back with an even more ambitious project as he’s set to tell the ambitious David and Goliath story of the 1966 24 Hours of Le Man Race when hotshot driver Ken Miles ( Christian Bale) and brilliant automobile designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) went up against Ferrari with a brand new Ford racing team, and all new car, the Ford GT40 in Ford v Ferrari.

It’s a gripping tale of man, machine and competition and in the hands of Mangold we’re definitely in for something special.

Ford v Ferrari SpicyPulp

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we now have a brand new look into the film with some simply gorgeous new images which highlight Bale’s Miles and Damon’s Shelby, and you can feel the masculine adrenaline energy at play here.

Opening up about the style that his director wished to evoke, Damon said “as we were making it, we joked that it was the last movie ever. Luckily, we had this great character drama that was inside this other story.” Mangold also discussed his desire for an old-school approach to the filming of Ford v Ferrari saying, “these are real people with love and loss and fears that aren’t handled in three mini-moments between the next 100-decibel, 12-minute action sequence. And it’s an acting tour de force — Matt and Christian have never been better.”

For Mangold everything about Ford v Ferrari had to be practical and this of-course lent itself to the film’s high octane race sequences. Echoing his work on Logan, Mangold said “one of the main goals with Logan was that I felt the superhero genre had gotten so CGI’d, so I wanted to make it as emotionally and physically real as possible. And that very much carried over into Ford v Ferrari. I wanted to see a racing film where the cars weren’t all digital creations [and] we were really out there on the track. And not just so we could talk about it when we’re doing press, but because it actually makes a physical difference when you see it on screen.”

Ford v Ferrari also attracted a phenomenal cast to star alongside Bale and Damon which also includes Caitriona Balfe as Miles wife Mollie Miles, Tracey Letts as Henry Ford II and Jon Bernthal as Lee Iacocca.

Ford v Ferrari SpicyPulp

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set against the backdrop of 1966’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, the film follows fearless British racer Ken Miles (Bale) and maverick American car designer Carroll Shelby’s (Damon) mission to build a revolutionary car that would allow Ford to challenge the dominating Ferrari brand.

Ford v Ferrari is a film to get really excited about and with the promise of Mangold’s old school visual style, the combination of Christian Bale and Matt Damon and the some full throttle racing, audiences in for one hell of a ride when the film arrives in cinemas on November 14.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Images: 20th Century Fox