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Jason Momoa wants to play Wolverine

Jason Momoa wants to play Wolverine


It’s a good time to be Jason Momoa at the moment, not only is the action star riding high on the tidal wave of success that swelled around Aquaman, but the full-fledged movie star is also hard at work on the set of the much anticipated Dune adaptation and is also headlining forthcoming Apple TV series See.

While he’s pretty busy at the moment, Momoa did take the time to comment recently at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, when asked about whether he’d like to join the burgeoning MCU, and if so, which character he’d like to play. In typical Momoa fashion he cut right to the point:

“Wolverine. Oh I’d love to play Wolverine. [Hugh Jackman] he was phenomenal. I grew up just loving Wolverine.”

His response is certainly an interesting one and like always the internet quickly jumped on the bandwagon with thoughts around who should exactly play the role of the X-Men’s berserker tough guy. Celebrated fan artist BossLogic even got in on the action, but the artist’s own thoughts suggested that he’d prefer to see Momoa take on the role of long time X-Men villain and Wolverine’s mortal enemy Sabretooth instead.


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Many tagged me in @prideofgypsies as wolverine but I think he would make for a dope Sabretooth! #xmen

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While it’s anyone’s guess as to who will eventually don the claws, with rumours suggesting that Momoa’s fellow DCEU star Henry Cavill may be in talks for the role, it’s anyone’s guess as to where Wolverine’s future casting leads. But in the mean Momoa will certainly be very busy indeed.

Source: ComicBook.com