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Frank Grillo opens up about ‘The Raid’ remake

Frank Grillo opens up about ‘The Raid’ remake


If there’s a guy who could legitimately be called Hollywood’s toughest actor then it’s definitely Frank Grillo. Making a name for himself in projects such as Captain America: The Winter Solider and The Purge: Anarchy, Grillo is now teaming up with his friend and collaborator Joe Carnahan for a full-on remake of cult-action film The Raid.

In a new interview with Collider, Grillo discussed the up-coming remake of The Raid and what fans can expect from it.

Discussing the project, Grillo confirmed that the film will take place in Caracas, Venezuela and that his character will be a former Special Forces soldier who has to rescue his kidnapped brother.

Opening up about the project, Grillo said, “what we have to do is not remake The Raid. The story, the bones are the same, we’re in a building, but we’re in Caracus, we’re not in South East Asia, and it’s really a strong brothers story, its like Warrior, it’s about these two brothers, these estranged brothers.”

Given his comment about not wanting to ‘remake’ The Raid, Grillo talked at length about how he’s bringing his knowledge of the fight game into the movie, and that he hopes to make a movie action experience that will be totally new for audiences.

“Because of my exposure in the fight world, we’ve gathered a troop of not only great fight choreographers, but fighters, coach’s, all people who can kind of help us assemble a fight style that no one’s ever seen. Because we have to match the Silat that Iko and those guys did in that movie that was so special. We’ll get killed if we just try to sloppily throw together The Raid, so we’ve taken our time with it.”

Grillo teased that filming could begin next year some time and also stated that he’d be really keen to be joined in the project by good friend Anthony Mackie, who he hopes would play the lead villain whom he described as a “badass drug dealer.”

While we’re still a way to go before knowing exactly what the score is with The Raid, but it certainly sounds interesting, and given Grillo’s nature for delivering hard hitting films this could hit damn hard!

Source: Collider