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The madness is unleashed in ‘Joker’

The madness is unleashed in ‘Joker’


IT’S HERE! The brand new trailer for Joker has finally arrived and it promises to take audiences into a maddening world of chaos as an ordinary man learns that all it takes is one bad day!

Watch the full trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

In 1981, a failed stand-up comedian named Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) disregarded by the society turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City.

Building on the previous tension of the first trailer, this new Joker trailer really teases out the transformation of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), a broken, haunted man suffering from a range of serious mental illnesses and other issues who is pushed over the edge and turns into the murderous Clown Prince of Crime called Joker.

Director Todd Phillips is really playing his cards close to the chest here, and the resulting trailer suggets a film that will build out all kinds of menacing tension as Arthur reaches his breaking point.

Phillips directs an amazing crafted piece of film here and everything about this movie has come together perfectly in this space. From the production design to cinematography, make-up. costuming and the film’s heightened sound editing and score, all of it comes together to really escalate the tension on offer.

The director has also really captured the sense of that crime and grime of the early 1980s with his portrait of Gotham City here. This psuedo-New York style that is present in the trailer is definitely in keeping with the presence of the film’s time setting, and Phillips Scorsese inspired style is really gripping to watch.

Star Joaquin Phoenix looks absolutely incredible in this film and he’s removed any form of his own persona and is fully inhabited in his unhinged portrayal of Arthur Fleck. With plenty of creepy menace he really captures the boiled down rage of that inspires the Joker and when he does finally explode, well, it’s definitely going to be something memorable here.

Check out our full reaction to the new trailer below:

This new trailer certainly has our attention and Joker will be an unmissable event when it arrives in cinemas on October 4 and brings plenty of madness with it.