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Robert Pattinson opens up about ‘The Batman’

Robert Pattinson opens up about ‘The Batman’


It’s currently a very good time to be Robert Pattinson at the moment. Not only has he received rave reviews for his performance in The Lighthouse, which is getting all sorts of attention at TIFF, but he’s also finished shooting on Christopher Nolan’s top secret sci-fi thriller Tenet and has also officially been named as Bruce Wayne/Batman for Matt Reeves upcoming The Batman film.

In a new interview withe Variety, Pattinson opened up about his career and the trajectory he took from heartthrob to serious independent lead and how it’s a road that has helped lead him back to the biggest blockbuster of them all with The Batman.

It’s a fascinating insight into his life as a performer as fans should be very excited about his turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman as for Pattinson it was a serious passion project.

Expressing his admiration for Tim Burton’s original films, for Pattinson it’s a really big achievement to be cast in the role. “It’s actually an interesting part,” he says. “I think it’s because he doesn’t have any superpowers.”

Pattinson was also determined to get the role and really committed to the audition process for the role. “I’d had Batman in my mind for a while,” Pattinson says. “It’s such an absurd thing to say. I sort of had an idea to do it, and I’d been prodding Matt. He didn’t accept any prods. I kept asking to meet him.”

Finally Pattinson was allowed to audition and he said it was definitely a stressful thing, but that this stress helped him in securing the role. He even admitted to auditioning in the yet un-seen Batsuit in his final audition which secured him the part.

“It’s maybe the craziest thing I’ve ever done in terms of movie stuff,” Pattinson says.

“I put it on. I remember saying to Matt, ‘It does feel quite transformative!’ He was like, ‘I would hope it does! You’re literally in the Batsuit.’” Pattinson describes what the moment was like: “You do feel very powerful immediately. And it’s pretty astonishing, something that is incredibly difficult to get into, so the ritual of getting into it is pretty humiliating. You’ve got five people trying to shove you into something. Once you’ve got it on, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel strong, I feel tough, even though I had to have someone squeezing my butt cheeks into the legs.’”

it took a minute for him to adjust, but after feeling out the physicality of the siut he just went for it. “You’re trying to think of the way to balance, how to bring something new to it and not want to scare people off,” Pattinson says. “And work in the confines of the costume.”

working through the confines of the costume, Pattinson impressed Reeves and received the part, beating out Nicolas Hoult for the role.

While he’s still got a long way to go before filming begins, including what will likely be an intense and brutal training program to get himself into shape, it’s very exciting to think what lies ahead for Pattinson in The Batman and audiences should definitely be excited for what comes next.

The Batman will arrive in cinemas on June 24, 2021.

Source: Variety