Home Movie News Kevin Feige is about to step things up with new ‘Star Wars’ film
Kevin Feige is about to step things up with new ‘Star Wars’ film

Kevin Feige is about to step things up with new ‘Star Wars’ film


If there’s one man who currently rules all of Hollywood then it’s definitely Kevin Feige. This incredible producing force continues to break records with all of his MCU films, and is currently the reigning Hollywood king after Avengers: Endgame took in 2.796 billion at the box office.

Now Feige is making a sidestep over into the Star Wars universe, a property he has long loved, and with his level of production and storytelling nous, this is one announcement to be very excited about.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Feige is developing his own solo Star Wars film, which will follow on after the completion of the Skywalker saga, which is set to come to an end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which will arrive in cinemas on December 19, and that he is seeking a massive Hollywood star to lead the film.

This new Star Wars film is part of a larger move from Walt Disney Pictures as a whole, and Walt Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn gave the following statement as to its development.

“We are excited about the projects Kathy and the Lucasfilm team are working on, not only in terms of Star Wars but also Indiana Jones and reaching into other parts of the company including Children of Blood and Bone with Emma Watts and Fox. With the close of the Skywalker Saga, Kathy is pursuing a new era in Star Wars storytelling, and knowing what a die-hard fan Kevin is, it made sense for these two extraordinary producers to work on a Star Wars film together.”

While there’s no mention as to the exact direction of where Feige will go with Star Wars, the news that he is looking for a major Hollywood star to take on the film would be amazing.

It’s anyone’s guess as to who he’s looking to hire, but I’d be in awe if he was finally able to nail down Keanu Reeves for the project, whom Feige has been open about wanting to bring into the MCU since the very beginning, and the idea of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in a big-budget extravaganza like Star Wars would be incredibly exciting to see.

We’re still a long way off any kind of proper development here, but it’s extremely exciting news.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Image: Walt Disney Pictures