Home Television Recaps ‘Watchmen’ – Season 1 – “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice” – Review
‘Watchmen’ – Season 1 – “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice” – Review

‘Watchmen’ – Season 1 – “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice” – Review


It’s difficult to find television that strikes out on an original tangent…Watchmen is the difference.

Tonight we got our first look at Damon Lindelof’s much-anticipated continuation of the cult classic Watchmen……and this piece of television subverts all expectations and sets out some very interesting mysteries.

Building off of the acclaimed cult graphic novel by creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen takes audiences to an alternative 2019 United States where Robert Redford has been President since 1992, and where the police have taken to wearing masks in a form of law enforcement that aligns itself more to acts of vigilantism than criminal justice.

Set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Watchmen is framed around Detective Angela Abar (Regina King) aka Sister Night, a brutally efficient vigilante crime fighter and police detective who is pulled into an escalating war between the Tulsa Police and a white supremacist group calling themselves The 7th Kalvalry and who have framed their radical mission around the likeness and philosophy of the notorious Rorschach.

Right off the bat, Lindelof goes big here, and the acclaimed creator is promising something totally unique with this alternative-history superhero action-crime thriller and the events of this first episode, “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice”, really gets your mind going. Let me warn you that if you feel like you think you might know what is going on here, well, think again because there’s some real independent thought going on here, and as Moore and Gibbon’s 1987 book examined the 1980s and Cold War tensions so does Lindelof’s new chapter examine our current world and the issues that we currently face in it.

To say that Watchmen is thoroughly clever would be a real understatement and this first episode had me hooked. It’s rare for original thinking to come along like this and what’s even more impressive is that Lindelof is beginning to build his series out and it’s interesting to see the groundwork being produced here. Although this first episode is just our first impression of the series, it’s setting the scene for something intriguing and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Series lead Regina King does a great job here in portraying Detective Angela Abar/Sister Night and even though we have a fair way to go in regards to her expanding characterization I’m liking what I’m seeing at the moment. King also gets to kick some serious ass as Night Sister as well, and she’s got a real take no prisoners approach as she assumes her superhero persona and takes to the streets of Tulsa to impart her own breed of justice.

Making his appearance and adding more mystery to the Watchmen’s debut is Jeremy Irons as a yet unnamed man of wealth and opulence. As to who this exact man is we will have to wait and see, but there are signs that he may, in fact, be the infamous Adrian Veidt….although only time will tell if this revel is actually truthful. Irons involvement in the series is something to be excited about though and as always you can’t take your eyes off of him.

Fans of the source material will be very intrigued by this new adaptation and this mystery is only beginning….and we’ll have to keep watching to see where it goes to from here.

Watchmen airs on Monday’s on SoHo at 2.00pm and 9.30pm and will air later that night on Neon, with repeat screenings on Wednesdays on SoHo from 10.30pm.

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