Home Movie Trailers A classic adventure lies ahead in ‘The Call of the Wild’
A classic adventure lies ahead in ‘The Call of the Wild’

A classic adventure lies ahead in ‘The Call of the Wild’


Jack London’s 1903 novel, The Call of the Wild, is regarded as one of the greatest pieces of literature of the 20th century and now the adventures of the dog Buck are set to arrive on the big screen, and it promises to be one incredible rush.

Watch the amazing new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

A domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie dog named Buck is stolen from his Santa Clara, California home and sold to freight haulers in the Yukon.

Directed by Chris Sanders, The Call of the Wild is an epic in the grand old fashion, and with it’s compelling story of survival, loyalty and nature it’s a tale that is ripe for the big screen once again.

Some brilliant CGI has been brought in to realise the actions of Buck who starts off as a spoiled house pet and then through tragedy has to grow into a survivor who is worthy of the harsh landscapes of the Yukon and forge his own destiny in this new land.

Bringing the human element to The Call of the Wild is none other than the legend himself, Harrison Ford as prospector John Thornton and Ford brings a quintessential American flavour to Thornton’s action within this picture, and there’s no finer actor for the role.

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The action and adventure of The Call of the Wild looks breathtaking and this is a film that audiences will truly marvel at up on the big screen when it arrives in cinemas next year on February 20, 2020.