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The wonder returns in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

The wonder returns in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’


In 2017 audiences were introduced to a bold new heroine with Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot stunned audiences with her incredible performance and action-packed super-heroics.

Now she’s back with director Patty Jenkins and this dynamic duo are ready to take audiences on another amazing adventure in Wonder Woman 1984.

The brand new trailer has arrived and it is simply AWESOME! Check it out below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

In 1984, Diana Prince comes into conflict with two formidable foes: Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah

This time Jenkins takes audiences to the decadent and flamboyant 1980s, and the screen sparkles with flair and colour here in Wonder Woman 1984. Trapped by the power of time, the immortal Diana, Princess of Themyscira (Gadot), has continued to fight the good fight, while trying to build a life for herself, all while longing for her great lost love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). But when a new threat rises and evil threatens to strike, Diana springs back into action, and in miraculous fashion Steve Trevor has somehow managed to return to her in order to help her fight those who threaten the world.

This first teaser trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is a great look into the action and spectacle of what awaits in the film, without giving anything away. This trailer captures the essence of the glitz and glamour of the time period, along with the heightened tension of the Cold War, and Jenkins does a terrific job of keeping her audience pumped…along with building a place for plenty of surprises that are still to come.

The action is kick-ass and Gadot has lost none of her fire here as she jumps headfirst into the fight and comes into contact with some seriously dangerous new villains.

The first of these new villains is Pedro Pascal as the charismatic and egotistical Maxwell Lord, a 1980s business tycoon who is seen wearing some very impressive power suits and commands the full control of Wall Street capitalism at his finger tips. Pascal appears to have all the makings of a terrific villain here as he channels this Gordon Gekko-type character whose quest for power is sure to lead him into a dangerous conflict with Gadot’s Diana.

Adding in the wild card flavour in Wonder Woman 1984 is Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva, a mousey, unassuming archeologist who comes into contact with a mystical power and is transformed into The Cheetah! While we don’t get to see her claws come out just yet, it’s clear that Wigg is going to go through quite a transformation as Minerva and her wild side is going to come out in a big way. It’s pretty clear that a girl fight is imminent between Diana and Barbara and it’s going to be one incredible battle.

There’s an incredible energy to this first trailer and the use of a rocked up version of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ really builds out the film’s atmosphere and the vibe that audiences can expect from it. In terms of its thematic elements ideas of love and time permeate the trailer and I’m certain that these will be explored in incredible detail within Wonder Woman 1984.

The blockbuster ride of Wonder Woman 1984 awaits in 2020 and this one is going to be all kinds of fun when it arrives in cinemas on June 4, 2020.

Image: Roadshow Films