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Dwayne Johnson gives an update on ‘Black Adam’

Dwayne Johnson gives an update on ‘Black Adam’


While times are certainly dower at the moment with the looming quarantine of COVID-19, we got some bright news today from megastar Dwayne Johnson, who took to Instagram to answer questions from fans. Today’s topic: Black Adam.

In a 12-minute video, Johnson discussed his next ambitious project, the full-on supervillain blockbuster film Black Adam, which will tell the story of one of DC Comics most infamous villains and which Johnson will be working on alongside talented partners including director Jaume Collet-Serra and Joker cinematographer Lawrence Sher.

Johnson discussed how he’s been pursuing the film for over a decade now, and that his passion for the character of Black Adam and it’s source material is what has kept him pursuing it and why he’s incredibly excited to deliver this new experience for fans.

“I’m a much different man and actor than I was 10 years ago, and I felt 10 years ago, that even then, 10 years ago, that I wanted to wait for the timing to feel right, and it feels like now with the man that I’ve become, I’m able to bring a little bit of my own life lessons and philosophy’s and engrain them in the DNA of this character.”

The megastar also went on at lengths about what fans can expect from the character, and with his same passion Johnson opened up about what he loves about the character and even hinted at a possible showdown with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

“There’s a lot of deeper layers to Black Adam, he is a man, who’s constitution, his wiring and his make-up is one of resolve and it is one of boundless anger if you will. And he started off as a slave, there’s some dark elements to Black Adam, and y’know one of the things I really loved about the character of Black Adam is that he was blessed by the Wizards, by the gods for powers, and his powers equal that of Superman, which automatically y’know makes him intriguing to me. But he was also bestowed an equalizing power and that equalizing power is magic, which is certainly Superman’s weakness…and I’m not setting up a showdown between Black Adam and Superman…but maybe down the road.”

Action was also on the agenda, and given Black Adam’s adherence to a more brutal philosophy, and Jaume Collet-Serra history as a horror filmmaker it looks like the new blockbuster will tap into this raw energy in its production, with Johnson mentioning that Black Adam is the type of character who ‘rips people in half’.

Watch the full video below:

We’ve long wanted to see Johnson take on the role of a villain, and Black Adam is the perfect vehicle for him to do just that. With an intriguing character that he’s incredibly passionate about and a bold new direction for the DCEU to take with this new project, Black Adam could be the film that absolutely shakes the very foundations of the DCEU and spins it in a totally new direction.

While production is still a long way off, and this could be postponed even further because of the COVID-19 scare, the prospect of a full-on Black Adam film is incredible exciting and we can’t wait to see where this goes to from here.

Black Adam is currently scheduled to arrive in cinemas on December 22, 2021.