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Acorn TV delivers awesome content

Acorn TV delivers awesome content


While we’re on the eve of moving from from Level 4 to Level 3 in relation to the COVID-19 lockdown it’s become clear that one of the most enjoyable things we can all enjoy at the moment is some awesome television content.

One of the coolest streaming services that is currently active at the moment is Acorn TV and they have a fantastic array of British television for you to seriously binge on.

To help you make the most of Acorn TV have a special deal for SpicyPulp readers at the moment where they can get a 30-day free trial of service. Just head to acorn.tv and enter the code: ACORNTVNZ30.

It’s a fantastic deal and once you’ve got access to it you can check some amazing content including:

Laugh your abs into shape

Never has there been a time more than now that we need a gold old fashioned laugh and Miranda certainly delivers.

If you haven’t heard of Miranda Hart or her show Miranda you have quite likely been living under a rock, she is the epitome of awkward who’ll make you cringe, giggle and guffaw throughout all three series.

You will most assuredly have that six-pack in no time watching socially inept and accident-prone Miranda (a semi-fictional version of herself) get into uncomfortable situations from dating to simply dealing with her overbearing mother.

Flash your smiles with White Teeth

This heart-warming comedy adapted from the award-winning novel by Zadie Smith is the perfect escape from the gloomy winter nights ahead.

White Teeth is a refreshing and whimsical drama that unfolds the lives of three families from contrasting cultures. There’s never a dull moment as you witness the journeys of religion, race, sex, and class these loving families travel through.

This short series full of fun and flair will guarantee an enjoyable watch that is well worth the time.

A thirst trap you can watch with the folks

Looking for hot priest fix but isolated in the family home? Don’t introduce your dad to Fleabag when you have the option of the OG in Grantchester.

Sidney Chambers is a small-town English vicar who puts his unique insight into the human condition to good use in just the way you’d expect – solving vicious murders. The charming Sidney is supported by his very disapproving housekeeper along with world-weary Detective Inspector Geordie Keating – not to mention the beautiful but far above his station Amanda.

Sure to set your heart a-flutter without mum and dad wondering where they went wrong.

Tickle your funny bone with the ultimate in cringe comedy

An intimate look into the lives of two incredibly dysfunctional flatmates – warning, not to be watched in front of bubble buddies of a ‘sensitive’ disposition.

Peep Show will make you facepalm and cry with laughter as the perfect odd-couple duo Mark and Jez battle adulthood with their inappropriate behaviours and brilliantly awkward demeanours.

The dry and dark humour from this award-winning sitcom is dangerously addicting, you’ll find yourself rewatching it over and over again. Mark and Jez will bring nothing but pure joy, you’ll be so thankful you took a peep into this one!

Boggle your brain into a parallel present

Fascinating, provocative, and contemplative. If you’re a sucker for science fiction, you won’t regret stepping foot into this futuristic world of Humans for a wild yet eerily realistic ride.

This gripping drama stimulates your mind and guarantees emotional suspense as you witness the bizarre abilities of a highly advanced robotic servant that is nearly indistinguishable from a human.

Episode by episode, Humans slowly reveals a mystery that leaves us wondering, will technology one day destroy us? Or perhaps just make us irrelevant?

The only Run you’ll enjoy

Run is a raw and powerful drama that intertwines the desperation and grim struggles of four compelling individuals trying to survive as they live on the fringes of society.

This award-winning miniseries unveils issues of morality, poverty, violence, and drugs that are unseen but occurs daily in our current world.

The authentic and stripped-back performances from Olivia Colman, Lennie James, and Katie Leung will leave you teary-eyed and speechless. You’ll feel empathy and heartbreak like never before after witnessing this work of inspiration that is the perfect combination of tragedy and hope.

Your daily dose of Cumberbatch

You don’t need to be a mathematician to work out the probability of loving this futuristic thriller.

You’ve seen him as a mastermind detective and you’ve seen him as a spellbinding neurosurgeon. In The Last Enemy, Benedict Cumberbatch will once again fascinate you but this time as a mathematical genius.

This five-part British masterpiece follows the journey of Stephen Ezard (Cumberbatch). As he returns home to attend his Brother’s funeral, he is met with an array of extraordinary circumstances stemming from a nation plagued by terrorists, fugitives, and spies. The Last Enemy is full of suspenseful and chilling mysteries – one thing is certain, you’ll be hooked the minute you start.

A timeless tribute

Fascinating, suspenseful, and inspiring, Guerrilla is a unique and heart jolting drama that follows the events of radicalism in Britain during the 1970s.

Politically active couple Marcus (Babou Ceesay) and Jas (Freida Pinto, Slumdog Millionaire) are tested with acts of revolutionary violence as they battle their way through a race war. Also featuring the great Idris Elba, Guerrilla handles the rawness of the gripping historical circumstances with exceptional elegance.

Brace yourselves for a wild ride

The Driver is a British crime miniseries that will make your heart pound and your palms sweat.

Vince McKee (David Morrissey, The Walking Dead) is a frustrated and demoralized cab driver who has put up with one too many rude passengers. Soon he finds himself trapped in a swarm of lies and secrets when he agrees to work as a driver for a notorious criminal gang.

Unless you have a heart of stone, you’ll find yourself engaged in the protagonist’s decent but wounded character and you’ll be rooting for Vince as he tackles through the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

Sign-up and enjoy a wide arrange of awesome television shows on Acorn TV now.