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‘Warrior’ season two gets explosive!

‘Warrior’ season two gets explosive!


It was one of 2019’s coolest television debuts, and Warrior season one brought out plenty of cool martial arts action, inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee, and it certainly kept audiences on their feet.

Now season two is set to arrive in October, and Andrew Koji’s conflicted hero Ah Sahm must contend with the burgeoning Tong Wars, along with doing battle with Irish thug Dylan Leary (Dean Jagger), all while 1880s San Francisco is ready to explode.

Watch the epic new trailer below:

There’s plenty of cracking action to keep audiences entertained here, and the fight choreography and intensity of the series action scenes has been dialled all the way up! Andrew Koji really put his own stamp on the character of Ah Sahm in season ome, and the actions and events of season two will surely test him, along with crafting plenty of kick ass moments along the way.

Brace yourselves for a wild ride when Warrior returns this October!