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New look at ‘The Batman’ revealed

New look at ‘The Batman’ revealed


One of 2021’s most intriguing debuts will be Matt Reeves’ long gestating take on Batman with The Batman, which will introduce audiences to a new Dark Knight with English actor Robert Pattinson taking on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in an entirely new vision and now we’ve got a brand new look at what awaits ahead.

The official logo for The Batman has now been revealed, which gives us an up close look at the new Bat symbol, and there’s a definite edge to the design.

The Batman Logo SpicyPulp

The design of Reeves new Bat Symbol has taken on a for,m that appears to be reminiscent of brutalism and is in keeping with the real world tech and edge that Reeves and his team appear to be bringing to the film. After we got our first look at The Batman back in February I previously talked about how it appeared that Pattinson’s Batman costume has been constructed with function at the forefront and that it is less for show and more for straight effectiveness when dealoing with the scum of Gotham.

Alongside this new look at the official logo for The Batman, superstar artist and DC creative head Jim Lee shared a fantastic rendering of The Batman as a tie-in poster for DC FanDome digital event where Reeves will be attending, and which will highlight details of the upcoming film, along with a few surprises.

The Batman Poster SpicyPulp

Variety has also recently confirmed that The Batman is set to begin filming once again in September. While the film shot for 7 weeks earlier this year, it was shut down due to the on-going COVID-19 crises, and still has three months of shoots to go. Whether it will be able to finish it’s shoot by the end of the year is still up in the air, but I have my fingers crossed that Reeves will get his film in the can before h can move on to the film’s post production needs.

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Things are starting to shape up for The Batman once again and if it stays the course we’ll see it arrive in cinemas on October 1, 2021.

Source: Variety