Home Movie News Dwayne Johnson set to bring the WOW factor with ‘Black Adam’
Dwayne Johnson set to bring the WOW factor with ‘Black Adam’

Dwayne Johnson set to bring the WOW factor with ‘Black Adam’


The DCEU is about to be shook up thanks to the arrival of Black Adam, and Hollywood megastar offered up long time DC fans a trat at DC Fandome with a look into his new film Black Adam.

Check out the new animated tease for Black Adam below:

Appearing via video link in the palatial ruins of Kahndaq, Johnson brought his mighty gravatas to this all digital event and made one thing clear: the hierarchy of the DCEU is about to change forever with Black Adam. Johnson has been attached to the character of Black Adam since 2014 and the film has been a passion project that he’s long wanted to see come to life.

Speaking on his passion for the film, and why Black Adam is the character that Johnson has long wanted to bring to life he said, “Y’know as many of you know, Black Adam has been with me for a very long time. This has been a project that has been in development for a very long time. Over 10 years. 10 years plus with myself, our producer Hiram Garcia who’s the president of Seven Bucks Productions, this has just been in our DNA and our wiring for such a long time. One of the main things that I’ve always loved and admired about Black Adam was number one he’s an anti-hero. I love that. I love that the line is a little blurred, that he doesn’t toe the mark, I love that he doesn’t walk the line. I love that he has his own sense. Black Adam justice. I also love the fact that his origins are that of a slave. The origins of that of somebody who is enslaved, his people enslaved, his family enslaved, and he felt the burdens and the pressures of a larger entity holding him down. Until he can’t take it any more. And when you come from that place, it’s a different energy and a vibe, a mana that you have, so I’ve always loved that about Black Adam, which informs how Black Adam operates, how he sees justice, how he delivers justice, and um I’ve always appreciated that about Black Adam.”

Johnson has confirmed that the film is going to focus on Black Adam as an anti-hero with an emphasis that edges more to the villainous than the heroic, and that it will be an amazing site to behold.

Johnson also discussed the wider DCEU at large and said that if he were to team up with any other DC hero he’d like to team up with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

“The number one choice on who I’d love to take on an adventure with me would be Wonder Woman. And I’ll tell you why, no, I know you guys are thinking, ahh of course you would Rock, no Gal is my friend, a very good friend of mine, but the character of Wonder Woman is one that I have such an endless amount of respect for. I always thought this combination of Wonder Woman and Black Adam would make an incredible pairing so this idea that we would go on an adventure together is something very cool. The other part to this answer is that I always thought it might be cool to hang out with Superman. That would be cool right. We’re similar in terms of our powers, our strengths, our speeds. Cause look at the end of the day you never know Black Adam and Superman could become friends……or they won’t. Who knows, maybe we’ll see,” said Johnson.

In a surprise announcement Johnson also brought on board the digital stage rising star Noah Centineo who will portray Atom Smasher in the film, and who promises that he’s coming for his ‘squat game’.

All jokes asides, Johnson shed light on how Centineo has being putting in the work to be a legitimate threat to Black Adam as Atom Smasher, and that he’s very excited for the young star to be working with him on the film.

Of his role in the film as Atom Smasher, Centineo said, “Y’know man I think Al, real name Al Rothstein, I feel like he really has something to prove, especially with his lineage, y’know his grandfather was a villain, and he’s got quite a spirit to just help, and what I love about the character is that, um, he goes through this transformation throughout the film where I think he’s not expecting the world of being a superhero, y’know this is his first mission, and it kinda just hits him across the face. And so it’s this journey that he’s on of what it means to be a superhero and to really see someone like Black Adam who takes a different approach, clearly to solving a problem, or fighting ‘bad guys’. And it’s an exciting character, it’ a young character, it’s a new fresh face AND I don’t mind being the size of the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Bulding, that’d be pretty tight.”

It was then in a shock announcement that Johnson confirmed that not only will Black Adam feature the debut of Atom Smasher, but that it will debut the appearance of the Justice Society of America and that characters such as Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Cyclone will also appear in the movie as they get caught up in a battle with Black Adam. It doesn’t get more epic than that!

Check out the full Justice Society reveal below:

Finally, Johnson made a solemn promise to his fans regarding the production of Black Adam and what they can expect the end product to be.

“I can promise you this, all of you around the world right now watching, I promise you this, I give you my word that we are going to go beyond your wildest expectations, and I already know this because your expectations are high, so are mine, and at the end of the day I truly have one boss that I aim to please, besides my wife, and my daughters, and that is of course you guys, the fans and the audience, always audience first in my book,” said Johnson.

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Black Adam is set to start filming in early 2021 and if the course holds steady will arrive to smash the big screen in one of next year’s biggest blockbusters on December 22, 2021.