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Mystery runs in the family with ‘Enola Holmes’

Mystery runs in the family with ‘Enola Holmes’


You might know of the adventures of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, but prepare yourself for a whole new level of awesome with the all-new adventures of their younger sister Enola in Netflix’s all-new, all-star mystery movie Enola Holmes.

Watch the brand new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

The film chronicles the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister Enola (Millie Bobby Brown), as she embarks on a quest to find her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter).

Starring Millie Bobby Brown as the inquisitive Enola Holmes, this new film directed by Harry Bradbeer adapts the best-selling books by author Nancy Springer, which investigates the adventures of the wild and untamed younger sister of the famed Baker Street sleuth.

In the role of Enola, Bobby Brown absolutely shines and she clearly is having a ball as this wild and spontaneous character who will do whatever is necessary to find her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) who has mysteriously gone missing from the Holmes country estate.

Drawn into Enola’s chase are her two famous older brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin). Whiel Sherlock has a liking for his younger sister’s intelligence and encourages her in her investigation, it’s clear that Enola is none to fond of her foppish brother Mycroft, who desires she become a ‘proper young lady”, and whom Enola rebels at every turn, leading to plenty of hi-jinks along the way.

This new trailer really hypes up the fun of Enola Holmes and promises a movie that will get audiences going with plenty of action and a good dose of mystery.

Enola Holmes is set to arrive on Netflix on September 23.