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Embrace the glam of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Embrace the glam of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’


One of 2020’s most anticipated blockbusters is Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 and with the film’s countdown rolling forward to its release this Boxing Day Jenkins and her team have offered a brand new look behind-the-scenes at the film’s lavish make-up and styling.

In a partnership with Revlon, Wonder Woman 1984 sought to capture the decadence and opulence of the 1980s with its signature style and boldness and it was a partnership that was perfectly formed.

Watch the brand new featurette below to find out how Revlon and the film’s make-up team worked together to capture the decade of the 1980s on film:

Make-up artist and hairstylist Jan Sewell said that Revlon’s products dependability and adaptability made it the perfect foundation to bring Gal Gadot’s Diana into the 1980s.

“Revlon’s a very well-known make-up product, but what really brought Revlon to my attention was when we were shooting in Washington and it’s very humid, and I knew we were going to be going to Spain and Fuerteventura, I looked at the product and it was utterly brilliant. You can put it on fine, you can put it on a little bit thicker, and it absolutely stays. And that’s the case with the colour slate, foundation, lipstick, eye shadows…I’m incredibly impressed with it.”

Revlon also was a massive part of the film’s most lavish scene with it’s Washington Gala set-piece where all the principle performers including Gadot, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal mingle together in very opulent and glamourous surroundings.

“The Gala was a fantastic scene. It was supposed to be the high end of 1984. High celebrities, politically powerful people, and we were able to do these wonderful looks of that time,” said Sewell.

Wonder Woman 1984 really captures the extravagance and excess that characterised the 1980s from its hair and make-up all the way to its costuming and production design, with the result being some purely magnificent visuals that audiences will go crazy for.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to arrive in cinemas on December 26.