Home Television Recaps ‘The Mandalorian’ – Season Two – ‘The Tragedy’ – Review
‘The Mandalorian’ – Season Two – ‘The Tragedy’ – Review

‘The Mandalorian’ – Season Two – ‘The Tragedy’ – Review


This weeks episode of The Mandalorian takes a solid right turn that no one could expected….and if you think Season Two has had your pulse elevated just wait till you see what happens in ‘Episode 14: The Tragedy’.

Following his encounter with Ahsoka Tano, the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, and The Child, Grogu, venture to the site of an abandoned Jedi Temple on Tython, with the purpose of Grogu reaching out into the galaxy via the force and hoping to make contact with a lone Jedi who might be willing to train him. But ‘The Tragedy’, as its title suggests, is no mere picnic and soon remnants of The Empire are on the scene and the Mandalorian dives headfirst into a pitched battle to protect his charge.

If you’re seeking adrenaline then you’ve come to the right place with ‘The Tragedy’ as this episode picks up speed and doesn’t slow down for an instant. Maverick director Robert Rodriguez brings trademark Mariaichi energy to the Star Wars universe in ‘The Tragedy’ and the result is an episode that is packed full of intense action and incredible backstory and depth. It’s clear from the kinetic intensity of this episode that Rodriguez was having the time of his life getting to play in the Star Wars sandbox, and in addition to its action, ‘The Tragedy’ is one of the most poignant and heartfelt episodes of The Mandalorian to date.

Throughout the two series of The Mandalorian, a growing story of fatherhood has blossomed through this narrative and we reached a milestone moment with ‘The Jedi’. Now in ‘The Tragedy’, we see a more deeply intertwined interpersonal relationship between Djarin and Grogu. There is a deep love and cherishment growing between the two of them, and through Pedro Pascal’s depth as a performer, we are able to experience the deep love that Djarin has for Grogu and the extent at which he is willing to go to protect his son. Djarin has grown into his responsibilities as a parent throughout this series and in this episode, we really come to terms with how much Grogu means to him.

‘The Tragedy’ also sees the return of cult Star Wars character Boba Fett, who was teased at the conclusion of ‘The Marshal’, and who is portrayed by non-other than Temuera Morrison himself. Now a burly, scarred-up survivor of Tattoine, Morrison’s Boba Fett has been on the trail of the Mandalorian and together the two get involved in a pitched battle against The Empire. Morrison is an absolute blast to see on screen and brings his Maori warrior heritage to bear in a full-on close-quarter brawl that is EPIC to watch. Wielding a Tusken Raider’s Gaderffii like a Taiaha, Morrison takes apart a unit of Storm Troopers with bone-crunching ease and cements his place as a bonafide Star Wars badass in his return to The Mandalorian.

The stakes are certainly raised in ‘The Tragedy’ as Giancarlo Esposito graces the screen in full big bad mode as Moff Gideon and this embodiment of Emperial evil has a bone to pick with Grogu. His appearance is to the point and his interactions with Grogu are sure to send a chill down your spine, especially as he unleashes his prized possession, The Dark Saber, and sets his dark plan in motion. As a performer, Esposito has an ability to portray a certain kind of chilling evil and his return as Moff Gideon has bigger things instal for The Empire. Plus in a special opening scene bonus, fans are also treated to the possible presence of a being who may be none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn….

The Mandalorian took a big turn with ‘The Tragedy’, and our hero is now in a place where his courage will be tested. It’s about to get very interesting in The Mandalorian and this week’s episode was the primer we needed for what comes next.

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