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‘WandaVision’ – ‘Episode 3’ – Review

‘WandaVision’ – ‘Episode 3’ – Review


Everyone’s favourite new MCU Disney+ series, WandaVision, raises the bar yet again in its third episode with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) getting into the groove as they strut on into the colourful-psychedelia of the 1970s….and a visit from the stalk is on its way.

After a surprising twist at the end of ‘Episode 2’, we now find Wanda and Vision in the fun, hip and colourful 1970s and baby fever is in the air as a very pregnant Wanda gets very into nesting and awaiting the arrival of her first child. But this happy event is not without its difficulties and the surreal nature of Wanda’s path to motherhood has the residents of Westview secretly wondering what is really going on…

In ‘Episode 3’, director Matt Shankman takes audiences back to the 1970s and the cheesy-chirpy family sitcom stylings of The Brady Bunch, and he really goes to town with the visuals in this episode. Embracing the decade’s flamboyant colours and style, ‘Episode 3’ of WandaVision is bright, joyous and completely chipper and those familiar with The Brady Bunch will find themselves fitting right at home. Featuring the classic bubblegum and Modernism design complete with wood finished floating staircase and orange Formica kitchen counters, audiences will be at home in this episode.

Shankman uses his audience’s knowledge and expectation of The Brady Bunch’s style to playout plenty of interesting comedy in ‘Episode 3’ of WandaVision and the shows surrealism takes an interesting turn thanks to the set design and psychedelia of the era. The way in which Shankman continues to build out the narrative, both in terms of dealing with Wanda’s impending pregnancy, and the series overall mythology, makes ‘Episode 3’ of WandaVision my favourite episode to date. I was very impressed how he used the decade’s stylistic comedy to play out the ongoing surrealism of the show, and it was very fun to see the creativity of Shankman and his team on display in this episode.

‘Episode 3’ is an event level episode for Wanda and there are considerable changes in store for her as she’s expecting and the joys of motherhood await. In an event that is played out for laughs, Wanda experiences the full 9-month miracle of pregnancy in a single day, and the result is full-blown hilarity. This is especially true when she hits the third trimester, and her labour pains send her powers into haywire, causing trouble not only for Vision and herself but also all the other residents of Westview. Elizabeth Olsen flourishes in the flower power decade of the 1970s and her free-flowing collection of psychedelic print dresses, in addition to her long-flowing hair, only add to the care-free state of mind of pure bliss that she’s currently enjoying as a mum to be.

But it wouldn’t be WandaVision without a few twists and turns and one of the most interesting comes in the form of Wanda’s good friend Geraldine, played by Teyonah Parris, who isn’t all she appears to be. While not wanting to run the risk of spoilers, we will say that Geraldine’s presence isn’t lost on any of the residents of Westview, and her appearance and actions in this episode are going to have larger ramifications for the series going forward.

‘Episode 3’ is my favourite episode of WandaVision to date, and Wanda and Vision’s journey through the groovy 1970s and the hilarity and mystery that they find themselves in is exciting to witness. I absolutely loved it and this episode certainly turns up the volume with the strange surrealism that is still yet to come.

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