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Haute couture gets sinister in ‘Cruella’

Haute couture gets sinister in ‘Cruella’


You know her name. Now prepare to know how the legend started ss Academy Award winner Emma Stone prepares to change it up in the ultimate villain’s origin story in Cruella.

Watch the all-new trailer for Cruella below:

Check out my full reaction to this diabolically fun teaser trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

In 1970s London, young fashion designer Estella de Vil becomes obsessed with dogs’ skins, especially Dalmatians, until she eventually becomes a ruthless and terrifying legend known as Cruella.

Directed by Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya, Fright Night) really turns up the heat with this one and crafts a dangerous and captivating film that follows up and coming fashion designer Estella de Vil (Stone) who is prepared to go to any lengths to climb to the heights of power in the fashion world and who unleashes her bad side as Cruella in the process.

Featuring a dark, horror meets haute couture styling in its design and tempo, Cruella presents a different side to Disney that we’ve seen before, and there’s plenty of visual brilliance, courtesy of Gillespie, cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis, production designer Fiona Crombie, costume designer Jenny Beavan and hair and make-up stylist Guy Common to keep you engaged and interested here, and Cruella is a lavish feast for the eyes.

Lead actress Emma Stone looks to be having a particularly fun time as Estella de Vil, and she readily accepts her psychotic dark side, and I personally believe we’re seeing Disney showcase its first-ever villain movie with this project. Stone’s Estella turns out to be a very bad girl as Cruella, and she absolutely radiates in her bad girl, punk rock swagger, and this one is all kinds of fun. Stone clearly had a ball in bringing this character to life and the results show through on-screen and audiences should expect something completely different from the actress here.

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Prepare for the madness of evil’s creation when Cruella arrives in cinemas on May 27, 2021.