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‘Loki’ – ‘Lamentis’	– Review

‘Loki’ – ‘Lamentis’ – Review


Another episode of Loki means another opportunity for more mischief and after the shocking twist ending of Episode Two, ‘The Variant’, where it was revealed that Loki was actually pursuing a female variant version of himself, things heat up fast as these two sides of the same god plot to upend the TVA.

Following in the wake of his variant self, a female Loki (Sophia Di Martino), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and the Variant, who calls herself Sylvie, find themselves trapped on the alien world of Lamentis-1, a doomed planet that is only hours away from cataclysmic destruction. And it’s here where things get interesting as these ‘two Loki’s’ are forced into an uneasy alliance, and new secrets about both Loki…and the TVA are drawn out.

Episode by episode the intrigue of Loki builds, and following the shock twist ending of Episode Two ‘The Variant’ where it was revealed that Loki’s target was in fact a female version of himself, Episode Three ‘Lamentis’ throws the pair of them together and the sparks get explosive. These two opposite sides of the same god sure are a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with, and their back and forth bickering and would-be manipulation of each other leads to a gripping dramatic piece of television that keeps you hooked the whole way through. Throw in the presence of a thoroughly alien planet that is facing imminent destruction and you have set the stage for drama.

While Tom Hiddleston teases out more of his usual Loki quirks, and new unseen talents rise to the surface, it’s MCU newcomer Sophia Di Martino who steals the show. As Sylvie, Di Martino is a powerful enchantress who is on a mission to blow up the TVA and when she runs into Loki, her plans take a dramatic side-step. In terms of character, Hiddleston best describes the make-up of a Loki as ‘independence, authority and style’, and Sylvie possesses all of these. Plus she’s got a particularly sharp mean streak about her, and isn’t about to put up with any of Loki’s tricks. With a smart mind, and her own magic at her control, Sylvie is a character who is definitely going to spin the MCU for a loop.

Part of the fun of Sylvie’s presence in Loki is that she is able to get our protagonist to reflect on who he is. And this allows audiences to get even more of an insight into who Loki is as a character. While neither of these characters trust each other, Sylvie’s questioning with Loki allows us to learn more about his relationship with his adoptive mother Frigga (Rene Russo), alongside his princely life, and his hedonistic pursuits, he once led and leads into some very memorable scenes throughout the episode. Included is a very cool scene, where Loki, drunk out of his mind, starts singing in Old Norse. A moment that is particularly fun to watch.

As the new wild card of the series, Sylvie also gives audiences a brand new insight into the Time Variance Authority….and any suspicions that we might have held about them are revealed further here. Key insights into the TVA from Sylvie include that she considers them to be a group of ‘omniscient fascists’ and that their ranks are made up by a very interesting group of recruits. It’s a hell of a shock for audiences when this information is revealed and I can only see things getting crazier from here.

Director Kate Herron does a remarkable job of bringing to life the science-fiction world of Lamentis-1 and loyal sci-fans will be pleased with the atmosphere that she creates. On this barren planet that faces extinction from above, Loki and Sylvie journey across it to find a key resource. And time is of the essence. Herron commands not only the interpersonal dialogue of the episode, but the action as well, and Loki and Sylvie go to town with blades in hand, and there are some wicked action set pieces to get you pumped. ‘Lamentis’s’ third act is utterly impressive to behold and this episode finishes with one hell of a showstopping moment.

Double trouble always leads to more fun, and there’s a lot to be excited about thanks to the third episode of Loki, and it’s anyone’s guess as to where we go from here.

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