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‘Loki’ – ‘Journey into Mystery’ – Review

‘Loki’ – ‘Journey into Mystery’ – Review


Get ready for the strange because Loki turns the page in Episode 5 ‘Journey into Mystery’ and this new episode takes us to a place of surrealness and absurdity that we’ve never ever ventured before within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the results are absolutely mind-warping to behold as Loki contemplates what awaits at the edge of time.

Having been pruned by Judge Renslayer and seemingly killed, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) instead wakes up in The Void. A spectral world that exists off of the Sacred Timeline and right at the edge of time. Here Loki also comes into contact with other variants of himself and soon finds himself on a do or die mission to escape The Void and find the very thing that does exist at the very end of time itself.

Brace yourself for the weird because Episode 5 of Loki ‘Journey into Mystery’ takes us to a place that none us ever expected we’d travel to and the results are completely out of this world. Seemingly believing himself to be dead, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) instead wakes up and is greeted by further variants of himself who collectively include Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei) and Alligator Loki (yes you are reading that right), and who taking pity on the arrival of a new Loki shelter him from both the presence of the dangerous and monstrous Alioth, but also the presence of a Loki gang, who are led by the sadistic President Loki (Hiddleston), who is content on being King of the Void.

It’s a lot to take in, and the absurdity, inventiveness and creativeness on behalf of director Kate Herron and her team make this episode that much more engaging and you’re completely sucked into the story that is being told. As in his relationship with Sylvie, we also get to see Loki’s interactions with other sides of himself and the new presence of Kid Loki and Classic Loki, sure keep our Loki on his toes. As Classic Loki Richard E, Grant brings a sage-like presence to his character, whose magic also happens to be incredibly potent, while Kid Loki is an incredibly powerful presence and formidable opponent being that he is the only Loki to have ever killed Thor! All these Loki’s keep this episode on a tight rope and it was a lot of fun to see this level of creativity brought to the screen.

Not content to let Loki rot, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), decides to get to the bottom of the mess of the TVA and after interrogating Renslayer, she heads into The Void to rescue Loki and to confront the real puppet master who is behind all of this. ‘Journey into Mystery’ is very much a seminal moment for the characters of Sylvie and Loki, as we see their further attraction to one another brought to the forefront. Whether it be romantic interest or something more, we cannot fully tell, as they do happen to be two sides of the same god, but it is very clear that these two characters need each other and that their destinies, now more than ever, are intertwined.

Also in a very fun surprise, we also see the return of Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius, who in a shocking revelation was pruned in ‘The Nexus Event’ and now again appears in ‘Journey into Mystery’, and he is of great moral support to Loki and Sylvie in their time of need. While we still have one episode to go in Loki, and it’s still uncertain as to how Mobius will play into the coming events of Loki it is clear that his presence is of great importance to Loki, and that he is truly the only person to have ever fully gotten through to him.

Audiences looking for action will be well rewarded with ‘Journey into Mystery’ and this is one episode of television that delivers MASSIVE thrills. The Void is a place of absolute danger and it takes all of Loki’s ingenuity and mischievousness to survive it. With rapid raiding Loki’s, unhinged alligators and one hell of a battle between Loki, Sylvie, Classic Loki and the monstrous Alioth, the events of ‘Journey into Mystery’ are delivered with pace and enthusiasm and audiences will love the imagery and narrative that they get to witness on screen.

We’re in the final chapter of Loki’s story now and the events of ‘Journey into Mystery’ have set the scene for an explosive final episode to come. It’s about to get exciting, so buckle in for what comes next.

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