Home Movie Trailers Step back into the horrors of the past in ‘Last Night In Soho’
Step back into the horrors of the past in ‘Last Night In Soho’

Step back into the horrors of the past in ‘Last Night In Soho’


Visionary director Edgar Wright is ready to take audiences on a stylish, flamboyant and ultimately scary thrill ride with his innovative ghost story Last Night In Soho and this new trailer has so much awesomeness contained within it.

Take a look at the new trailer Last Night In Soho below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Eloise, a young woman with a passion for fashion design and a strange sixth sense, mysteriously finds herself transported back in time to 1966 London in the body of her idol, a singer named Sandie. While in Sandie’s body, she enters into a romantic relationship; but then, she begins to realize that the glamour of the 1960s London is not what it appears to be and the past and present seem to fall apart with shady and horrifying consequences.

Written and directed by Wright and starring a very talented cast including Thomasin McKenzie,
Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith and Terence Stamp, Last Night in Soho is equal parts groovy and ghoulish and is certainly shaping up to be one of the most original and intense pieces of cinema all year.

Wright gives his film that classic 1960s swinging London cool, which mixed together with a good dose of Giallo terror makes for a very intriguing watch. Its unique mix of dreamy hauntings and look-a-like murder mystery is sure to keep audiences on edge and I’m certain that we could see a piece of cinema that undoubtedly could very much end up being one of the best films of 2021.

Get ready to groove when Last Night in Soho arrives IN CINEMAS on November 4.

Image: Universal Pictures