Home Movie News Praise payed to the iconic Clint Eastwood for ‘Cry Macho’
Praise payed to the iconic Clint Eastwood for ‘Cry Macho’

Praise payed to the iconic Clint Eastwood for ‘Cry Macho’


When it comes to American cinematic icons they don’t get much bigger than Clint Eastwood. The legendary actor and director has been defining cinema for over eight decades now and his latest film, the dramatic-introspective western Cry Macho, sees him return to his cowboy roots for a powerhouse performance.

Check out the brand new featurette below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Mike Milo (Eastwood) is a one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder who, in 1979, takes a job from an ex-boss to bring the man’s young son home from Mexico. Forced to take the backroads on their way to Texas, the unlikely pair faces an unexpectedly challenging journey, during which the world-weary horseman finds unexpected connections and his own sense of redemption.

In a special featurette, a host of the world’s most celebrated filmmakers and actors including Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, John Lee Hancock and Hilary Swank discuss Eastwood’s position as a filmmaker and just what Cry Macho means for audiences around the world.

“When we were looking for project’s last year, Clint said y’know there’s this script Cry Macho that Al Ruddy had, I want to take a look at it,” said Cry Macho producer Tim Moore. “Clint plays this rancher, a character that you know is that old Eastwood kind of type of thing. What a real cowboy is supposed to be like.”

“The thing that everybody loves to see is Clint in a cowboy hat and on a horse. He hasn’t been on a horse since Unforgiven. The first day we filmed the scene of him up on the horse, the crew, they were just all so excited. It was a special moment, he’s back in the saddle again,” said Moore.

Alongside Eastwood’s return to the saddle as the beat-up cowboy Mike Milo, audiences can also expect a deep and sentimental love story from Eastwood as Milo falls in love with a local Mexican woman named Marta (Natalia Traven), and this aspect of the film will be of great significance to audiences.

Cry Macho is set to be a seminal work for Eastwood and fans can be very excited for what comes next when it arrives in cinemas soon.

Image: Warner Brothers Pictures