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‘Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life’ – Review

‘Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life’ – Review


When it comes to New Zealand sporting stars, they don’t get much bigger than mixed martial arts superstar Mark Hunt. The man with the iron chin, and even heavier punch, Hunt has proven himself in the ring in the likes of K-1, Pride and the UFC.

Now in Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life, ‘The Super Samoan’ takes audiences inside the path and trials that shaped him and his quest to see that honesty and a level playing field of sportsmanship are upheld in the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Mark Hunt remains a global superstar in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts, helping popularise the now phenomenally successful combat sport. Yet, as the documentary makes clear, Hunt has remained a rank outsider for the majority of his sporting career. This is highlighted in the film as Hunt singlehandedly takes on his employer UFC, persuading them to take a harder line with drug cheats.

For Kiwi fans of combat sports, Mark Hunt is in a league all of his own. A living legend who has competed on the world stage in three of the mixed martial arts biggest ever leagues including K-1, Pride and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Hunt paved the way for so many others to follow, including current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. Now in Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life, Hunt opens up about his life and career in a completely honest and open dialogue with director Peter Brook Bell, and his is an incredible story to witness.

From the hard streets of South Auckland and a brutal upbringing that lead to street brawls and jail time before stepping into the ring and charting his rise as a cage warrior, Hunt is incrediblyy open and honest with his life. It’s been a life of excessive highs and very dark lows, but this is a man who holds his own morals and standards and who believes in them with the utmost professionalism. And it is this steadfast belief in his own abilities that has seen him keep battling through no matter what is in front of him. For audiences, seeing an athlete of Mark Hunt’s ability being so open and honest is incredibly profound and it’s his candour that provides an insight into the life of a fighter.

Alongside his childhood, and fight career, Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life also delves deep into Hunt’s obsession to see the sport of MMA kept as a competitive and drug-free event. Audiences are able to see his direct point of view with the ‘cheaters’ as he terms them. And for fight fans, it’s a hell of an insight. His stance and dedication to ensure a level playing field is revisited multiple times throughout the film and audiences really get to see into his beliefs on this subject and why this commitment to a drug-free sport is of such importance to him.

But Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life is not just a portrait of a fighter’s motivations, thoughts and feelings, but also one hell of a highlight reel. And Hunt sure knows how to through a punch. With his unique brawler style, which he ‘honed on the streets of South Auckland’, Hunt was a fighter who stood out amongst all those who squared up to him as simply being as hard as nails. With pure Polynesian flair, he dealt with those in the ring in multiple fight leagues and audience members who are ready for some knockout shots will be in luck with this documentary.

Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life is a portrait of a true underdog fighter done good, and it’s sure to resonate with many New Zealander’s due to its honesty and spirit. It’s a portrait of a man who never let great odds keep him down, and there are some great lessons for all who witness it.

Mark Hunt: The Fight Of His Life is playing at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival. See here to learn more.