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‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘I Love You, Tommy’ – Review

‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘I Love You, Tommy’ – Review


Episode One of the much-hyped new miniseries Pam & Tommy, ‘Drilling and Pounding’ got things rolling with a sordid tale of Hollywood excess and the revelation of a very private videotape. Now in Episode Two, ‘I Love You, Tommy’ we’re about to go back in time and focus on a very scandalous love affair. And it gets hot and heavy quickly.

Take a trip back to 1995 and the shock whirlwind wedding of rock star Tommy Lee and sex symbol Pamela Anderson. After a four day courtship of sex, drugs and rock n’roll these two stars tie the knot on a beach in Cancun, Mexico and then dedicated themselves full-time to some full-on lovemaking at its hottest. But this is no sham wedding, and behind closed doors, a quaint and cute romance begins to blossoms between the rebel and the bombshell and the camera is there ready to record all of it.

Craig Gillespie continues his work behind the camera for Episode Two of Pam & Tommy ‘I Love You, Tommy’ and the focus is now clearly on the show’s title characters. Taking audiences inside the uber-glam world of 1990s Hollywood, Gillespie focuses in on the sudden meeting, crazy courtship and immediate wedding of two celebrity wildcards and it’s an incredibly exciting watch. Romance is in the air in Episode Two and Gillespie turns up the dial to 11 and the result is an incredibly sexy watch with plenty of bare flesh. But he doesn’t forget the romance and it’s in ‘I Love You, Tommy’ that we come to see Pamela and Tommy as more than just mere sex objects, but two people who are crazy in love.

While her appearance was only teased in Episode One, ‘Drilling and Pounding’, Lily James is front and centre in ‘I Love You, Tommy’ and she’s an absolute knockout in every way possible. James’ completely transforms herself into Anderson, swapping her status as an English rose for that of a curvaceous, bubbly blonde who is living the Hollywood dream to the fullest. Complete with sun-kissed blonde hair, big doe eyes, full luscious lips, a buxom figure, dainty mannerism, a collection of skimpy dresses and most importantly, spot-on vocals, James is completely Pamela and it’s astounding to watch. A true romantic at heart she makes it clear that she’s ‘done with bad boys’ at the start of the episode until she’s spotted by wild child musician Tommy Lee from across the room and is smitten by his confidence, bravado and total interest in her.

Sebastian Stan continues to flex his bad boy side as Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in ‘I Love You, Tommy’ and for Stan’s Tommy when it comes to James’ Pamela its love at first sight. What follows is a feverish courtship where he tracks her to Cancun, Mexico, with the two of them partying hard and him declaring himself entirely for her. Things take a turn for the sexy pretty quickly, and they get intimate with one another fast. It’s at this moment that Tommy comes to the realisation that he truly loves this woman. And that realisation includes a conversation with himself, or rightly his conversation with his own erect penis, which has a mind all of its own and it’s a shockingly hilarious scene to witness.

In ‘I Love You, Tommy’ the marriage is quick and the sex is WILD! Neither Lily James nor Sebastian Stan are shy about getting their kit off and they truly are the beautiful people when wearing nothing but their own skin. James is an absolute sex kitten as Pamela, while Stan brings out Tommy’s own machismo cool and when they start getting busy with the lovemaking it gets crazy quickly. The passion is real here the two of them end up doing it everywhere and in every position. It’s steamy and hot to watch, but it’s not for any sort of shock value, but is instead a total representation of two people ravenously in love with one another and who want to give themselves fully to one another in this very special moment. It’s a very brave and authentic thing that Gillespie and his actors chose not to shy away from the full-on sexual nature of these individuals and it makes the experience that much more authentic.

It’s on after the passion has taken over and we see them return to Malibu, California where the romance of their relationship starts to blossom. And it’s incredibly cute to watch. They may have skipped the casual dating stage and gone right to the wedding chapel, but your heart will be in a flutter as you see James and Stan’s Pamela and Tommy get to know one another. These interactions between the on-screen couple are cute and cuddly to watch and there’s a true wholesomeness that we get to see into them that was previously alluded from us in ‘Drilling and Pounding’. It’s in this moment where the camera also comes up and the set-up for what’s to come next in Pam & Tommy takes place.

‘I Love You, Tommy’ is a seriously sexy episode of television and it’s sure to leave the audience a little hot and flustered. The romance is delivered with plenty of spice and it’s the wildest piece of television you’ll see all year.

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