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‘Reacher’ – ‘Spoonful’ – Review

‘Reacher’ – ‘Spoonful’ – Review


It’s starting to get brutal in Amazon Prime’s Reacher and the body count is rising. Ex-military cop Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) has found himself in the middle of it and he has a grudge to bear. But vengeance can wait for a minute as he grounds himself in the case and seeks answers in Episode Three, ‘Spoonful’.

Having narrowly missed out on a grisly death, former military cop Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) and Margrave police officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) team up and are ready to go on the hunt for answers. Margrave might have a sunny exterior, but there’s something rotten underneath and their investigation uncovers new clues and plenty of new leads. And Reacher zeroes in on the conspiracy that is causing the body count to skyrocket.

Episode Two of Reacher, ‘First Dance’ ended on a hell of a gnarly note with Reacher and Roscoe discovering that they’d been targeted for assassination by the team of killers who are stalking the shadows of Margrave and Roscoe is pissed! Not to be confused with a damnsel, this girl locks and loads and lends Reacher one hell of hand cannon in the form of a 50.cal Desert Eagle and the two set out to find out who their would-be killers are and put a bullet in them. Showrunner Nick Santora and his team aren’t mucking around with Reacher and episode by episode the intensity builds and the main narrative conspiracy is brought to light and it really shakes up the stakes.

The crux of the conspiracy lends into a massive counterfeiting operation and the discovery that Reacher’s deceased brother Joe was a former Secret Service director who was looking into the operation personally before he was killed. This new discovery also leads Reacher, Roscoe and Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) to Secret Service operative Molly Beth Gordon (Lara Jean Chorostecki) who provides the team with key information about Joe’s suspicions of the counterfeiting operation. Gordon is a new key character to the series and her reveal in ‘Spoonful’ showcases just how massive and dangerous this growing conspiracy is.

It’s not just the reveal of Molly Beth and the countefeting angle that will engage audiences in, but a showdown with the mysterious and suspicious Kliner family. While Reacher and Finlay pay a visit to Margrave’s benefactor and big time businessman Kliner (Currie Graham), Roscoe has to deal with KJ’s (Chris Webster) shifting advances and both scenes will have you hooked in. While Kliner at first entertains Reacher and Finlay, it soon turns menacing as he doesn’t like outsiders peering into his business and he sends them packing, but not before tiping off Reacher’s radar. Then there’s Roscoe’s run in with KJ, and this dead-eyed psycho has a dangerous lust for Roscoe and also tips her on Reacher’s past, planting the doubt that Reacher may not be the man he seems to be. The Kliner’s certainly aren’t clean in Reacher’s book and I have a feeling this suspicion is only going to grow.

Episode Three, ‘Spoonful’ keeps the suspense growing and it’s the episode’s penultimate ending where things get really interesting, Sensing that he’s being tracked, Reacher has a run-in with the hitmen who were earlier sent to kill him, and not mucking about he takes them out first. Two quick shots to the back, courtesy of a 50.cal Desert Eagle do the job. And it’s loud. This move by Reacher might not be the most heroic in the book, shooting another man in the back, but Reacher doesn’t mess around and I’m pleased that Ritchson and Santora show this side of him. Reacher’s plan is to win by any advantage necessary, he’s a functional, combat trained soldier and if he has the chance to take out a bad guy, he’s going to do it. This scene is a perfect reflection of that and showcases just how edgy and direct the Reacher series is going to be.

It’s starting to heat up in Reacher and Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher has got his finger on the trigger. The bag guys might have drawn first blood, but Reacher ain’t gonna let them get away with it, and he’s locked on target with a hell of a lot of firepower at his disposal.

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