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‘The Terminal List’ – ‘Reclamation’ – Review

‘The Terminal List’ – ‘Reclamation’ – Review


It all comes down to this, the final episode of Prime Video’s The Terminal List, ‘Reclamation’ is before us, and it’s the concluding chapter to what has been the most gung-ho, nail-driving, in-your-face, tomahawk-wielding action television event of 2022. And your adrenal gland will be working overtime with this all or nothing final episode of The Terminal List as Navy SEAL James Reece readies to cross the final names off his list.

A showdown brews at Secretary of Defense Hartley’s Orcas Island estate as Reece, Katie, Ben and Tony’s paths and objectives collide.

Following the trauma and violence of Episode Seven, ‘Extinction’ former Navy SEAL, turned vigilante fugitive James Reece (Chris Pratt), is now on the run. Alongside his best friend and former SEAL teammate Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitach), Reece now has his reticle targeted on U.S. Defense Secretary Lorraine Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn). But while Reece thinks this will be a direct-action assassination, Hartley has a curveball as she’s taken Reece’s truth-seeking contact, investigative reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) to her island estate, making for one hell of a showdown. It’s all come down to this in ‘Reclamation’, the final episode of The Terminal List. And it’s about to get gnarly.

Behind the camera again is director Sylvain White, who made a big impact on audiences with his work on Episode Six, ‘Transcience’, which with its First Blood-inspired escape, and evasion action pulled audiences into the deeply conflicted character of James Reece. White’s work on ‘Reclamation’ follows a similar path as he brings us Reece, front and centre, who is now completely gone from the man he once was. Running on fumes and living only for the final kill, Reece is ready to deliver the final blow, and White keeps the intensity high the whole way through. Shifting back and forth in perspective between Reece, Katie and FBI Agent Tony Layun (JD Pardo), who is determined to take Reece down once and for all, White focuses the attention of his audience on the dark, twisted truth as the ugliness of Hartley’s actions is brought into the light.

Fans of Jack Carr’s writing and worldbuilding will also be happy with a reference to a key character from the world of The Terminal List, Reece’s former SEAL teammate, the mercurial, yet loyal Raife Hastings. While Raife’s mention is only a subtle tease, it’s a cool moment of ‘things to come’, and fans of the books will be very excited with this reference point. ‘Reclamation’ makes for an intense watch, and White amps up the thrills, but he also injects some low-key comedy into the proceedings. On their approach to Hartley’s estate, Reece and Ben’s interactions have a goofiness and fun that’s reminiscent of classic ‘bro comedy’ films such as The Hangover. And this gives the episode some fun and levity when needed.

But in the end, ‘Reclamation’ is the final chapter of a justice that needs to be delivered. And Reece is ready to go down range. White, Pratt, Carr and technical advisors Jared Shaw and Ray Mendoza, who are both former SEALs, lean heavily into the maritime war component of Reece’s character, and we get to see him kitted up in state-of-the-art dive gear as he makes his stealthy approach in the episode’s third act. From this moment everything goes to hell, and Pratt brings out the M4, on full auto, locked and loaded and packing one hell of a suppressor and gets to work. The action is intense, visceral, in-your-face and packed out with authenticity. Audiences will be on the edge of their seats as Reece carves his way through Talos Tactical contractors like a shark. Plenty of brass is spent, with Reece’s fight ending with a brutal hand-to-hand melee where the infamous Winkler Tomahawks come out. And they strike hard.

Minute by minute in this final episode you’re holding your breath for what comes next, and the intensity of ‘Reclamation’s’ third act will have your heart beating fast. This is Reece in full savage mode, his final act, and damn does he pull out the big guns. ‘Reclamation’ packs in a lot of surprises into its third act, and audiences will definitely be interested in how it ends, and the impact this has on Reece.

Since the start of this series, we’ve seen Reece undergo considerable change and development as a character as he’s moved from an All-American hero to a rogue, no-holds-barred antihero. We’ve seen a man who’s been battling to save his soul in the grimmest of circumstances, and in the final moments of The Terminal List, Reece finds himself with a way to redemption. The emotion hits equally as hard as the action of ‘Reclamation’, and audiences will be pleased with the conclusion that Reece finds himself in.

The Terminal List is a series that from start to finish has been an example of television at its best. With a deep commitment to character, narrative, action, authenticity and honouring those who take on the fight down range, it’s been one of Prime Video’s best releases, and audiences have experienced one hell of a ride with it. Chris Pratt honoured Jack Carr’s work perfectly, and the character of James Reece is one of the most exciting new heroes to make the leap from the page to the screen. And all I can say is bravo, and bring on Season Two.

The Terminal List is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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