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Q Theatre is Back: Safety in Numbers and the magic of live performance

Q Theatre is Back: Safety in Numbers and the magic of live performance


There’s nothing like live theatre to get you animated and Q Theatre is an iconic, Auckland local that packs out some of the best shows throughout Aotearoa. One of their latest shows to run has been the hilarious murder-mystery Safety In Numbers. And this production was an absolute treat.

Crafted by the award-winning theatrical company A Slightly Isolated Dog, Safety In Numbers is an innovative new, lightly interactive show involving a murder. But it’s also a mystery. So technically it’s a murder mystery, and the audience is invited to be a part of the investigation to solve the case.

Lough-out-loud from the very beginning and packing an array of quirky characters, out-there performances and a narrative that takes you all over the stage and then back again. Safety In Numbers was a feat of pure live-action fun and the audience was engaged the whole way through it.

Best described as Knives Out meets Aunty Donna meets live action role play meets Agatha Christie in drag! Safety in Numbers delivers the ridiculousness and playfulness of A Slightly Isolated Dog’s Don Juan and Jekyll & Hyde. It was a riotous night out at the theatre, and I can honestly say that I haven’t laughed this hard at a show in some time.

While I count myself a cinema veteran, the prospect of a live show and the interactive, on-the-spot, improvisation nature of the theatre is an experience like no other, and Safety In Numbers and the troop of A Slightly Isolated Dog perfectly captured this quality in their show.

There’s no better feeling than being a part of a live audience, and after the isolation and exhaustion of COVID-19 and the many lockdowns it was fantastic to once again be out amongst an audience….who might I add was all masked appropriately and following Q Theatre’s sensible safety guidelines.

A show like Safety In Numbers is part of the magic that Q Theatre offers, and there’s no better time to head into this famed theatrical institution to check out some amazing new shows including the like of Long Day’s Journey into Night, Death. Disco. Heartbeat, Stories About My Body, Fringe at Q 2022, Meremere, Tröll The Great Comedy Debate and Urzila Carlson – Token African.

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