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‘Quant’ – Review

‘Quant’ – Review


When it comes to trend-setting designers who completely changed the fashion game, the legendary Mary Quant is one of the all-time greats. With a radical approach to fashion and a style all her own, Quant’s life is unveiled and documented in her very own words, along with the recollections of friends, collaborators, historians and fellow designers in Quant. And this is a story that is sure to create inspiration in its audience and have them reaching out for their own dreams.

Mary Quant led the charge away from convention and conservatism through the championing of ground-breaking designs including the miniskirt and hot pants, plus an ingeniously creative partnership with hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon. Cinematic and stylistic, this is the story of the iconic design and retail pioneer, from her very first store on London’s legendary King’s Road, through to the development of a global empire.

Documenting the extraordinary life of the ultimate trendsetter in Mary Quant, the legendary fashion designer who would set out to change fashion in the 1960s and change the world through her Kings Road style, Quant is a terrific retrospective mix that pulls you into Quant’s groove and it will have you rocking out. Presenting audiences with a character study of who Mary Quant was, we meet a woman whose creativity was bursting at the seams and who was inspired by function and fun to do something different with fashion.

Emerging from the depressing grey world following the end of the Second World War, Mary Quant would emerge as a woman whose styles became synonymous with the Swinging-60s, and the new rousing Woman’s Liberation movement. And it all worked perfectly. With a background honed at Art College, Mary was a woman who saw things differently and her stance as a modern woman gave her the desire to create something truly unique for her fellow sisters, and in doing so she defined an entire decade.

As a documentary experience, Quant is unique as it focuses on the details of Mary Quant’s life and investigates the myth, rumour and innovations that became associated with her name. From the appearance of the miniskirt to a colossal cosmetics empire and bold styles that defined an entire generation, Quant looks at the complete working life of Mary Quant. Then, in addition to her work as a fashion saint, Quant delves into Mary’s personal life and the relative ordinariness surrounding her. This was not a woman prone to vices or addictions and who led what many would consider a relatively settled family life. But even Mary had her secrets, and there are plenty of revelations that will certainly take the audience by surprise.

Ultimately Quant is an incredibly inspirational and beautiful documentary to watch, and audiences will come away from it with a spring in their step. To describe Mary Quant as extraordinary is only the start of it, and through this documentary, we see first-hand how she literally changed everything. With an iron sense of willpower and a desire to make products that truly spoke to a woman’s sense of style, adventure and flair, Mary Quant was the pioneering fashion force for the modern age and Quant captures all of it for audiences.

Quant is a groovy documentary film to watch and is best witnessed up on the big screen. It’s a film that any fashion lover will be charmed by, and is sure to spark plenty of inspiration in the minds of its viewers.

Image: Vendetta Films