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Behold the beauty of Sam Mendes ‘Empire of Light’

Behold the beauty of Sam Mendes ‘Empire of Light’


Cinema. The art of film. A medium has enchanted audiences the world over and presents the most powerful of narratives. It is a place in which Academy Award winner Sam Mendes has brought some of the greatest pieces of cinematic art to life.

From American Beauty to Road to Perdition, Skyfall to 1917, Mendes is a director who is synonymous with the power of cinema and now alongside Academy Award-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins and Academy Award-winning actors Olivia Coleman and Colin Firth he sets out to tell his most poignant and personal story to date with Empire of Light.

Watch the official teaser trailer for Empire of Light here:

Set in an English seaside town in the early 1980s, Empire of Light is a powerful and poignant story about human connection and the magic of cinema courtesy of Sam Mendes.

This first teaser is beautiful to look upon and promises a moving story of love, connection and cinema as it examines the human condition and its need for story and narrative. Short of dialogue save for the narration of Toby Jones projectionist Norman, this single focus on the connection of images and sound crafts something wonderful, and audiences will be swept up in this magnificent story.

While audiences will have to wait before Empire of Light arrives in cinemas next year, Mendes will be bringing this incredible work to both the upcoming TIFF and BFI London Film Festival.

Empire of Light will arrive in cinemas on February 2, 2023.

Image: 20th Century Studios