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‘Ticket to Paradise’ – Review

‘Ticket to Paradise’ – Review


If you’re seeking a bit of fun, then the pairing of Julia Roberts and George Clooney for Ticket To Paradise is exactly what is in order. This is a rom-com with a twist, and the pairing of these two leads to plenty of sparks and a fair few laughs that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Two divorced parents travel to Bali after learning their daughter, Lily, is planning to marry a local, Gede, whom she has just met. They decide to work together to sabotage the wedding to prevent Lily from making the same mistake they made twenty-five years ago.

There’s nothing better than a good romantic-comedy to make you laugh, cry and leave the cinema with a smile, and Ticket To Paradise provides all of those things, plus a few unexpected twists, and it’s a straight-up good time out at the cinema. Directed by Ol Parker (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again), Ticket to Paradise is a rom-com which switches up it’s setting and characters. Finding a new way into the genre with two divorced parents who are completely contemptuous of each other, they soon have to put their differences aside for what they think is the benefit of their daughter after her sudden marriage news. With its beautiful tranquil Bali setting, fun character moments and funnier laughs, Ticket to Paradise is a rom-com that packs in plenty of fun, and takes its audiences by surprise.

The pairing of Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Ticket to Paradise is utterly perfect, who with their effortless chemistry, and ability to riff off of each other, the laughs come quick, and the energy is kept fun. As divorced parents Georgia and David both bring a great mix of emotions to their two characters as a pair of bickering divorces which keeps things interesting. Clooney is effortlessly charming as David, yet also high-strung and holding onto the wrong decisions of his past. Roberts is the over-the-top perfectionist as Georgia, and she’s ready to outdo her ex-husband at every moment. But the pain of her past weighs on her, and her journey in this movie suggests the possibility of a better future. Both of these characters are different from anything that Clooney and Roberts have played before, and they each get to explore new rythms with their performances in this film.

Thanks in part to their effortless chemistry together, Clooney and Roberts make Ticket to Paradise a very fun watch. Whether it’s their creative antics to sabotage their daughter Lily’s (Kaitlyn Dever) wedding, or the classic moment where an over indulgence for beer pong leads to some straight-out loud dance moves set to House of Pain’s classic ‘Jump Around’, all the fun ends up on the screen. And both these A-listers will have you in hysterics. But while the laughs might be hilarious, there are also some very tender moments in Ticket to Paradise, with the ideas of family, love, forgiveness of the past and enjoying the good stuff when you can having a big impact on this narrative. And this makes the story that much sweeter.

Ticket to Paradise is an enchanting tale of how unexpected love can heal the past, and the pairing of Julia Roberts and George Clooney leads to pure gold. Their wit, charm and chemistry make this film a very fun watch, and audiences are certain to enjoy it. So do yourself a favour and don’t save the good stuff for later and get along to this fun-filled watch right away.

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