Home Movie News Keanu Reeves set to return for ‘Constantine’ sequel
Keanu Reeves set to return for ‘Constantine’ sequel

Keanu Reeves set to return for ‘Constantine’ sequel


Keanu Reeves is an actor who can do it all and one of his best performances ever was his very unique take on occult conman John Constatine for 2005’s Constantine. The film became a cult favourite among fans and for the longest time we’ve been wondering if Reeves would ever reprise his role as Constantine.

Well, it’s now official, and as reported by Deadline, Reeves will return with collaborators Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman for the long-awaited sequel.

Reeves will reprise as supernatural exorcist and demonologist John Constantine, who in the original is dying but stays around to save his soul by keeping demons from hell from breaching earth. He also gets between a battle between the archangel Gabriel and Lucifer.

While there are no other details currently about the project or what kind of direction it might take, a couple of years ago Reeves, Lawrence and Goldsman were able to reflect on the project in a special panel for Dan Diego Comic Con which revealed some very interesting ideas as to where the story would take Constantine.

We’ve got our fingers cross that this much longed for sequel will make it into active development and are very curious to see where this Constantine sequel moves to from here.

Source: Deadline

Image: Warner Brothers Pictures