Home Movie Trailers Keanu Reeves goes all-in for ‘John Wick: Chapter Four’
Keanu Reeves goes all-in for ‘John Wick: Chapter Four’

Keanu Reeves goes all-in for ‘John Wick: Chapter Four’


The brand new trailer for John Wick: Chapter Four has arrived, and it presents a film that will take audiences for a ride, while also delivering a massive amount of drama as feared killer John Wick, the elusive ‘Baba Yaga’ himself, comes face to face with his own fate.

Watch the full trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) takes on his most lethal adversaries yet in the upcoming fourth instalment of the series. With the price on his head ever increasing, Wick takes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Osaka to Berlin

Building off of the first teaser trailer, this new full-length trailer for John Wick: Chapter Four is epic in action and detail and finds Keanu Reeves feared John Wick taking his war right to the very heart of the High Table. Coming face-to-face with the puppet masters who have tried to control him for too long, Wick ends up in a duel to the death with the vicious and pompous Marquis (Bill Skarsgård) in a battle that could itself lead John to command the High Table himself. The stakes could not be higher in this fourth chapter, and it’s going to make for an intense watch.

Director Chad Stahelski again returns to direct, and his innovative action filmmaking style and visual flair are on full display in this visually striking film. Added to the cast are a collection of fantastic newcomers to the world of John Wick and The Continental including Donnie Yen as Caine, Hiroyuki Sanada as Shimazu and Rina Sawayama as Akira, along with the return of Lance Reddick as Charon, Laurence Fishburne as The Bowery King and Ian McShane as Winston.

While the action has again been cranked up, Stahelski injects John Wick: Chapter Four with a heavy dose of drama, and audiences can expect an extremely soulful performance courtesy of Reeves in this latest watch.

Brace yourself for the rush and return of John Wick in John Wick: Chapter Four which will arrive in cinemas next year on March 24, 2023.

Image: Studio Canal