Home Movie Trailers The first trailer for ‘Renfield’ has arrved
The first trailer for ‘Renfield’ has arrved

The first trailer for ‘Renfield’ has arrved


It’s here! The moment we’ve long waited for. When Nicolas Cage goes full vampire! And this first trailer for Renfield, brings out the fangs in a brand new way.

Watch the full trailer for Renfield below:

Here’s the full synopsis:

Count Dracula’s (Nicolas Cage) lackey Renfield (Nicolas Hoult) finds a new lease on life in modern-day New Orleans when he falls in love with Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina), a traffic cop.

Focusing in on the long-suffering and languished R.M. Renfield (Nicolas Hoult) who is beginning to grow tired and weary of the pressure, fatigue and anguish of having to care for his master, the Prince of Darkness himself, Count Dracula (Nicolas Cage), Hoult’s Renfield is looking for a way out, and it might get a bit messy.

Directed by Chris McKay, Renfield is about to shake up the horror genre, and along with its intense gore and chilling scares, it appears to be absolutely hysterical, and the comedy elements are making this an absolute must-watch movie for 2023.

From beginning to end, this trailer is absolutely wild, and the appearance of Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage triumphant and ghoulish entrance as the one and only Lord of Darkness himself, Count Dracula will have audiences salivating. For many years audiences have pondered whether Cage was actually a vampire, and given his erratic and obsessive creative process, of which he has termed it ‘Nouveau Shamanic’, we can only begin to imagine what his process for filming Renfield was like, and there’s a lot of excitement that awaits for audiences with his turn as Renfield’s hungry and psychotic ‘boss’.

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Brace yourselves for a film with serious bite when Renfield arrives in cinemas on April 17, 2023.

Image: Universal Pictures