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‘The Consultant’ – Review

‘The Consultant’ – Review


There’s nothing like a good horror story to get you binging a series in quick succession is Prime Video’s juicy new series, The Consultant will freak audiences out with its equal mix of dark comedy and twisted scares in what is one of 2023’s most memorable series to date.

Regus Patoff, a mysterious consultant, comes to the rescue of CompWare, a mobile gaming company, after the murder of its CEO, and seemingly starts running the company.

Adapted from the novel by cult horror author Bentley Little, The Consultant is a twisted little gem of dark-comedy horror. Its themes of work place oppression, sociopathic managers, and the horrors of the office are sure to put many audience members on edge. With its solid mix of both the horror genre and the satirical, The Consultant is a dark fantasy of work place terror, and from the moment it starts audiences will be completely on edge. And don’t try to anticipate what comes next which each episode of this dark little gem, you’ll never be able to guess what follows and that’s where the fun lies.

Cast as the myserteous, stern lead character Regus Patoff is two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, and this renowned thespian crafts a delicate, deadly and sinister portrayal of pure corporate evil. A crafty, whimsical and sociopathic character in every facet possible, Waltz is effortless as the disquieting Patoff, and his mere presence is sure to make your skin crawl. With his odd quirks and cold stare, Waltz is ominous shadow right from the beginning, and his horrifying pattern of behaviour is certain to leave audiences in a disquiet and frightful state.

Facing down Payoff are Brittany O’Grady as executive assistant Elaine Hayman and Nat Wolff as slacker coder Craig Horne. And both are drawn into Patoff’s dark intentions very quickly. Whole Wolff has plenty of fun as the prerequisite millennial stoner Craig, O’Grady comes into contact as Elaine with Patoff early, and the results make for an intense watch. Both of these young performers hold their ground with a thespian like Waltz, and they both keep audiences guessing with their performances.

The Consultant is a quick series that moves at rapid pace and its stroking mix of dark horror, and sly comedy makes for a winning combination. There’s a lot to hook you in with this series, and audiences who are seeking something different and a television genre that will scratch their morbid sense of curiosity will be well rewarded with this one.

The Consultant is currently available to stream on Prime Video.

Image: Prime Video