Home Movie Reviews ‘Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All’ – Review
‘Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All’ – Review

‘Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All’ – Review


The good ol’battlers of Cornwell are back and ready to sing up a shanty storm with Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All, and this is a cinematic experience that will make your heart sing and stir your soul for the call of mateship and the sea.

Following the unexpected success of their debut album “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues” we rejoin the world’s oldest ‘buoy band’ a year later struggling to navigate the pressures, pitfalls and temptations of their newfound fame. Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All follows the celebrated shanty singers through the highs and lows as lifelong friendships are put to the test and they battle the dreaded ‘curse of the second album’.

Based on the sensational true story of the bestselling ‘buoy band’ The Fisherman’s Friends and following the 2019 cinema sensation that took audiences by storm, Jim (James Purefoy), Rowan (Sam Swainsbury), Leadville (David Johns) and the rest of the lads are back for Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All and they’ll steal your heart and stir your spirit as they decide to take on the premiere music event in the world, Glastonbury. What follows is a charming and sublime story of comradeship, romance and re-discovering what’s important in life, and it’s a chipper story.

Even since they charted at the Top of the Charts with their debut album, The Fisherman’s Friends are in danger of becoming a side-act of one-hit wonders and group leader Jim is feeling it the most. Facing the passing of time and the loss that comes with it, James Purefoy gives a very empathic performance and it’s through his point of view that this story comes to life. But just when the darkness is set to overcome him, a new spark in the form of fiery Irish rock star Aubrey Flynn (Imelda May) finds her way into his life and he soon finds his way back to his passions. Both Purefoy and May have wonderful chemistry together and with their dual support and love for each other are able to find their way back to the wonder of the world.

Drama and comedy come together effortlessly in Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All, and there’s plenty of emotion to be had in this fun little watch. Then there’s the film’s rousing score of shanty and eclectic folk music and audiences will be grooving in their seat thanks to the mix of tunes on offer. And it needs to be noted that the music of the Fisherman’s Friends has a very deep emotional impact on the audience.

Fisherman’s Friends 2: One and All is a heart-warming story of friendship, love and music and its simple story of recognising what’s important in life and being true to yourself is sure to speak to audiences. This is an absolute treat for cinemagoers, and it makes for a very special watch.

Image: Roadshow Films