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There will be blood in ‘Renfield’

There will be blood in ‘Renfield’


When it comes to Hollywood all-stars they don’t get bigger than Nicolas Cage. With his tried and tested ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ method acting style, Cage is an all-around film treasure and now he’s ready to take on his craziest performance yet, and that’s saying something, with his new turn as the Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula, in Renfield.

An all-new featurette titled ‘Nick & Nick’ takes audiences inside Cage’s performance and the depths that he went to become the ultimate lord of the vampires:

With his fanciful performance, Cage goes full Drac in Renfield and the fangs come out and it promises to be a gory, grisly and yet entirely humorous watch.

In addition to the ‘Nick vs Nick’ featurette, audiences also got an inside look into the level og blood and guts promises by Renfield in the aptly named ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ featurette….and blood will run in Renfield.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Count Dracula’s (Nicolas Cage) lackey Renfield (Nicolas Hoult) finds a new lease on life in modern-day New Orleans when he falls in love with Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina), a traffic cop.

With its crazy outlandish humour, over-the-top bloodletting and sinister horror fun, Renfield is a cinematic experience that audiences are going to be very happy about when it arrives in cinemas on April 27.

Image: Universal Pictures