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‘Fast X’ – Review

‘Fast X’ – Review


Brace yourself for an all-new level of blockbuster action because Fast X has arrived, and this is action cinema taken to the MAXX!

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) must protect his crew and family from Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), seeking revenge for the loss of his family’s fortune from the heist in Rio de Janeiro.

Big, bold and loud, Fast X is pure adrenaline-charged blockbuster filmmaking and the action is driven home in this milestone picture for the Fast Saga. In a journey that was begun more than 23 years ago, the end of the road lies ahead for Dominic Toretto and his family. And for a man who has spent his life racing forward, the shadows of the past are about to strike. Talented French filmmaker Louis Leterrier takes on the role of director for this behemoth picture and leans into the Fast franchise’s desire for monumental, awe-inspiring action. And the results light up the screen with intensity. But amongst the exploding cars and awe-inspiring stunt scenes is an honest sense of drama about the passing of time and the responsibility that now weighs heavy upon Dominic Toretto’s brow. And for a man who’ll do anything to protect his family, his test this time around will take him to the edge.

Over the last twenty-plus years we’ve watched as Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto has matured from a flashy street racer turned thief to that of a specialised operative for The Agency, along with taking on the role of family patriarch of the Toretto family. He’s been on quite a journey as a man and his responsibilities and principles have changed over time. Now the focus of his life is his son Brian Pablo or ‘Little B’, and he’s content with being a father and husband. But Dom’s actions of the past are about to catch up with him, and this film has a duality of consequence smashing into responsibility, and with everything at risk, it’s then that Diesel jumps into action!

Bringing the consequence and suffering to Dom and his family is Jason Momoa’s outlandish and flamboyant uber-villain Dante Reyes, the psychotic son of drug lord Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida). And for Dante it’s personal. Flashy, brash and loud, Momoa leaves everything up on the screen as the wild Dante, and this devilish new character is the most dangerous and unstable villain the Fast family have ever faced. Singularly focused and completely nuts, Dante is a full-on force of nature and he’s one bad dude who has no qualms about how many must suffer as long as he brings down Dom. Momoa has an absolute blast channelling Dante and he’s the film’s absolute scene-stealer. It’s a complete 360 performance for Momoa, and he has a blast with this freaky new villain and his presence in the Fast Saga will have consequences for each member of the Fast family.

Alongside Diesel, Fast Saga original Michelle Rodriguez steps up in a big bold way in Fast X, and she has her own vendetta to fight against the Toretto family’s long-time enemy, the ruthless Cipher (Charlize Theron). Leterrier keeps things interesting with Fast X as he splits up Dom’s crew and has each of them facing separate threats and the pairing of Rodriguez’s Letty with Theron’s Cipher makes for a frenzied match-up. Theron also finds herself placed in a unique position, and the consequences of her own past get thrown back on her in Fast X, which lends itself to a new level of drama in this picture.

Two new prominent faces to join the Fast Saga include Brie Larson as Tess, the daughter of Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) who finds herself as a reluctant ally to Dom and his crew, along with Alan Ritchson as Aimes, the new commander of The Agency, and this stern man of action has a bone to pick with Dom. Larson brings a considerable level of energy to the role of Tess, and she finds a great rhythm with Diesel in their scenes together. While Ritchson again proves why he’s rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand talents and he’s a forceful presence on screen.

Also making her debut in the Fast Saga is rising newcomer Daniela Melchior as Isabel, a sassy Brazilian street racer who bears a powerful connection to Dom’s past and she’s got skin in the game with this picture. It’s a fun part for Melchior to take on, and she brings youthful energy and enthusiasm to the part. Also returning to the franchise is the sizeable John Cena as Jakob Toretto, who makes amends with his family following the events of Fast 9, and finds himself enlisted into a clandestine mission to help Dom. And Cena has plenty of fun with the role. With the right mix of smash-mouth action-man status and his good-times comedic tone, Cena is a fun addition to Fast X.

The action of Fast X is a full force of seismic power directed to the cinema canvas and there’s plenty of ‘action as narrative’ focused into this picture! Leterrier gets the rhythm right with what fans expect from the franchise and he delivers plenty of boom. He also personalises the action for the characters and this is especially present in the actions of Momoa’s Dante who takes to the streets of Rome on a custom Harley Davidson Pan America, which is fitted out with a Revolution Max 1250 V-twin, and it’s a bike with serious grunt. Leterrier also takes it back to the streets with Fast X, and it’s all about the torque and gasoline in an intense quarter-mile race between Dom and Dante that will get long-time fans salivating.

Fast X shakes things up for the Fast Saga and there are plenty of shocks and surprises that will leave audiences gripping their seats! The end of the road might be around the corner, but Dominic Toretto has a hell of a fight in him to save his family, and audiences will leave the theatre pumped after watching Fast X.

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